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Strengths and Weaknesses of Secondary Sources

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Grading system and reporting
Question 1

Advantages of letter grading system
• Concise and convenient
• Grades are easily averaged
• Easy to predict future achievements of students
• Proportion of students achieved each grade varies from teacher to teacher
• Does not indicate student’s specific strength and weaknesses in learning
• Are a combination of achievement, effort, work habits and good behavior
Advantages of pass-fail system
I. Encourages students to explore new areas even those that they are not fully prepared for
II. Permits students to focus on aspects of the course that relate directly to their major field of study.
III. Enables students to select their learning experience by removing fear of lower grades
I. Offers less information about the performance
II. Gives no indication of level of learning hence difficult to predict future performance
III. Efforts are directed towards passing rather than achieving higher grades
Advantages of standard based system
a) Are concise and convenient as they cover broad perspectives
b) Provide good compromise of the other grading methods hence the fairest
a) It is not goal specific
b) Does not indicate strength and weaknesses of students
c) Difficult to estimate improvement over short time
Advantages of checklist
i. Detailed analysis of strength and weaknesses ii. Reminds students, teachers and parents of the objectives of the school
i. Difficult to keep the list of statements down to a workable number ii. Difficult to state in simple and concise terms
Question 9
Ways of improving grading and reporting in schools
1. Having a well described grading system available to students and parents
2. Including other elements of measuring performance like effort, work habit, personal characteristics and so on.
3. Using well organized tests, assessments, reports or ratings as a basis for grading.
4. Well laid down strategies of preventing cheating.
5. Being fair and transparent in awarding grades and avoiding bias.
6. Making the reports consistent and concise.
7. Using well explained reports to students and parents on the grading.
8. Involving all stakeholders by use of conferences to collect views.
9. Establish good communication channels.

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