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Strengths and Weaknesses of Soda

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2. Strength and weaknesses of SODA
Discussed below is the strengths and weaknesses that the SODA methodology has in accordance to the TopTech case study.
2.1 Strengths
SODA (Strategy Options Development Analysis) is designed for solving messy problem situation, and the problem situation may be complex, highly interconnected, multiple perspective and objective, conflicting perspective and objective. From the case, TopTech is the rebranded name of RightHi Company, TopTech has five companies in Australia located in Melbourne with management oriented and Sydney with technically oriented. However, the business runs on an individual commission basis, nobody would like to share the resource to each other, even they work in the same organization. SODA is suitable to fix the complex problem situation, and the cognitive mapping is much simpler than to draw a rich picture, and we need to think more solutions based on one problem situation in order to solve the main problem. And SODA is that its whole process is based on cognitive mapping, it produced significantly helped the communication between the facilitator and the problem owner which is the TopTech Company. In addition, SODA is group work base, trying to make individual’s knowledge, skills and experience together and it can make people feel confident to take action, which can motivate people. Furthermore, it can share personal experience, skill and knowledge within the group, the best issue to use SODA methodology for this particular case is it can improve the problem situation and gain profit to the organization.
2.2 Weaknesses
The weakness for using SODA in this case would be there are not any relevant steps of SODA to follow, and the problem situation for TopTech is complex. SODA methodology needs different individual ideas, experience, knowledge to act as a group brainstorm, so that it can pick a best option to...

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