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Dowd and Friedman’s Strengths
Thomas Friedman and Maureen Dowd have covered numerous subjects in the articles I read. The articles these writers produce have exceptionally interesting making it obvious as to why there opinions are so highly valued. Some of the issues they chose to cover were unique due to the little coverage put out by the mass media. Certain aspects of Friedman and Dowd’s articles have stuck out to me and shown me why their articles are so widely read.
One part of Dowd I enjoy in particular is her use of slang and contemporary phrasing to make her writing sound young at heart. In her article on November 20th titled “Nuking the White House,” Dowd uses phrases such as “a bunch of old, white, Republican dudes.” She also in this article refers to President George W. Bush as just “W.” as she does in many other articles. Although some may find this annoying I on the other hand think her minor use of slang gives personality to the writing. Dowd’s use of slang catches my attention when I’m reading her articles and it makes her seem more down to earth.
After reading Thomas Friedman’s articles I found that he is particularly skilled at coving topics dealing with foreign affairs. His outstanding knowledge in globalization makes him especially good at covering this topic. In 1995 Friedman was The New York Times’ foreign-affairs columnist. His articles pertaining to foreign affairs show that he has and exceptional understanding on what maneuvers will help The United States the most.
Another strong point of Dowd’s writing is her incorporation of popular culture into her writing. In her article titled “Daisy Chain of Cheneys” she refers to the theme song of the popular movie Ghostbusters by making her own parody called “Obamabusters.” In her article, “Nuking the White House,” Dowd can be seen making referring to the television show…...

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