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Stress Among Children and Parents

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Stress among children and parents Most of the children are under stress today. But their parents don’t notice what is really bothering them. This could lead to mental and physical problems to the children. The parents don’t notice the stress symptoms that the children have. For example, headaches, sleeping difficulties, and eating disorder. Parents need to be available for the children to talk, make the children think that it is ok to talk about what they’re worried about. Moreover, survey indicated that women are more stressful than men. Especially mothers, they had to take care of the family and working at the same time. The purpose of the study is to determine stress rate among the children and adults, and compare it with the past year. The survey was conducted online which consist of 1,206 children age 8 to 17, and 1,568 adults who are the parents of those children. The method used is survey. Researchers ask a series of questions on Youth Query on the topic of stress. In the article, the survey methodology appears in paragraph 4, 5, the four bullets under “women still more stressed” and paragraph 2, 5 under “mile-high stress” (Munsey, 2010). These contents show the result of the survey by presenting the percentage and results of people who are under stress. This study finds out that most of the parents don’t know what their children are worrying about, for instance, only 13 percent of parents know that children’ headache is cause by stress while one third of the children claimed they had headache in the past month. Furthermore, the findings of stress for adults are also a problem. Women had reported that they are more stress than men. They had emotion problems, skip meal, , and fatigue due to stress. Therefore,, psychologists are needed to work in the health-care systems. Other than that, have a stable sleep time, eat healthy, and exercise regularly is some good ways to stay away from stress. I experienced stress before. I was under a lot of pressure in my junior year in high school. I had two online classes, six regular classes and one after school class. I had to catch up in school since I failed. I had so many homeworks and study going on, I felt my brain is exploding. I worried I can’t pass these classes again. But I learned to manage my time and finally got through it. I am also having the same problem now, six days of working and five classes. I believe I can get through it again by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Reference: “The kids aren’t all right”. Christopher Munsey. 1/20/2010. American Psychological Association-Stress. Retrieved on 2/22/2011 from <>

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