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Stress and Disease

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Physiological Changes: When understanding the relationship between stress and disease as they pertain to the body’s weakness and state the body is in, we must understand that the body is builds up a defense to keep out as much as it can of the bad diseases. The body uses its natural defenses to help keep out the bad infections. Stress can weaken the immune system which can bring on an increase of diseases such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and other serious diseases. Certain diseases attack the white blood cells which also make the immune system weak and hard for a person’s body to kick the disease or virus. Stress can cause not only emotional but physical damage as well. When a person’s body is under stress it can weaken the immune system and cause their body to become less capable to fighting off a disease.
Organ Functions/Body Chemistry: Over time, stress can be seen as a weakening of the body. After a while the walls of our body start to break down and crumble, although there may be medication that will help slow down the process it never fully repairs the walls of the body. Stress can bring on a decrease in being able to fight of disease; increasing blood pressure, heart problems, anxiety, and the most common side effect are migraines. Certain diseases such as cancer, attack different parts of the body and its organ function. Most of the time it limits the ability of what the organ was supposed to be doing. This can cause stress on other organs and cause them to wear down and create other problems for the person’s body. Illnesses can bring on physical problems to the organs and one appearance as well. Although stress does not weaken an organ’s function it does increase its ability the fight off an infection. Furthermore, stress can affect a body’s chemistry by reducing the ability of the body to fight off diseases.

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