Stress in Workplace

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Stress in the Workplace

Do I have to go to work tomorrow? This is the question on most Americans minds on Sunday evening while they are enjoying the last few hours of the weekend. Just the thought of getting up early the next morning and having to go into work can cause some unhappy thoughts! A lot of this is due to being stressed in the workplace due to powerlessness which is not having control over certain situations and being the in between person, not being in the ideal position that they’d like to be in, having to deal with traumatic events, and the type of setting and environment that they work in. Then, in this economy, workers have to deal with the stress of even keeping their jobs and having job security until retirement.
When working with the feeling of powerlessness, they are often stressed due to the fact that they have no control over the schedule of events and deadlines that they need to meet. Having to make a presentation for your boss at the last minute or being the person to call and inform every one of the meeting that your boss is having can be very stressful. Secretaries and waitresses are often among those with a highly stressed occupation. They feel as if they have too much responsibility and too little power to change things the way they see fit, which can become frustrating.
Another reason for stress in the workplace is because some people are simply not happy with the position that they are in. Some people only take a job for the paycheck and , not because they enjoy the work. Another reason that someone may work in a certain position is because of family ties. If their family owns a business that sells tires and handles car maintenance than they would grow up and take over the family business but if they grow up and want to become a doctor or writer they most likely won’t due to the feeling of obligation to carry on the…...