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Stress Level of College Students

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Stress is not something strange to our daily life nowadays. According to Grohol, you cannot escape stress because it is normal in everybody’s life. Everybody may feel stress when they are facing bad situation. Generally, in social science research, the word stress has been used since Selye, a well-known medical expert pioneered the research for psychological stress in 1950’s. According to Cox & Brockley (1984), stress is a perception phenomenon which exists from a comparison between the command given and ability of a person to execute he task successfully. Unbalanced situation in this mechanism will lead into stress experience and ultimately into stress reaction.
Stress level is the level of tangential or hoop stress, usually expressed as a percentage of specified minimum yield strength. College students cannot escape stress. If you think about what many college students are going through, you might possibly say that it is really a big thing. Stress is the individual’s response to the demand for change. When you are already in a college campus, you are continually bombarded with demands to change your behavior, academic performance, values and major choice or career. Stress is not bad, in fact, it is also essential in learning. There is one study or research which shows that learning takes place under conditions of moderate stress. So, your goal is to maintain this stress at a moderate level (Landino, 2006). Many students were able to control or keep their stress at a moderate level with the help of their family, friends and some stress management resources or techniques (Reifman, 2011).
Researchers often examined assessment of stress levels in college students as a topic. The College Chronic Life Stress Survey is a measure created by Towbes and Cohen (1996) in which they focused on the frequency of chronic stress in the lives of college students. This scale contains items that persist across time to create stress, such as interpersonal conflicts, self-esteem problems and money problems. They found that the first year college students scored higher than the other college students.

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