Stress of Buying a Car

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Buying a vehicle can be stressful time for anyone, whether you a veteran or a first time buyer. For this consideration, I have decided to utilize a data set from Elementary Statistics written by Mario F. Triola. Cars, which can be found in the Appendix section under Data Sets on page 784. By utilizing this data, I can decide from a list of 32 cars, which one would be the best for a person who want powers, efficiently or environment friendly. At the same time comparing data against itself and seeing if there any outliner or any infrequent in the data set. In addition to the text book I also will be using a program call Statdisk. STATDISK is a software program designed specifically for use with textbooks in the Triola Statistics Series. Using a full featured statistical analysis package, it includes over 70 functions and tests, dozens of built-in datasets, and graphing. To get a better understand of the 32 cars themselves I have construct a chat from statdisk.
In figure 1.1 we can see the data which was taken
from data set in Appendix B from Elementary Statistics.
As we look closer at the chart we can see that there are
nine categorizes, one of them being the make/model of
the 32 cars that we will be deciding on. Each category has
a unit for it set of data. As we look at the first one we can
see that weight is in pound, length is in inches and
displacement is in litters. Cylinders is determine on how
many pistons or cylinders are in the engine. The City and
highway mileages are in miles per gallon. The braking was
found in feet. This was establish by each vehicle driving
at sixty miles per hour then applying the brake. The last
category is greenhouse gas or better known as carbon
dioxide (CO2) emissions. This is in tons per year. Now
that we have better understanding of the data we can now
assessment it farther and see if the data itself…...