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Stress Management
Purpose: To learn practical skills to identify stressors and utilize resources to manage stress Objectives: This workshop will give you the tools to effectively: • identify stressors • place stressors in categories: internal & external • identify stress management resources • manage stress and maintain control Benefits: Participation in this workshop will help you: • identify and cope with stressors in your school life and at home Supplies: Some supplies are optional or can be substituted for other material • Paper and pens/pencils for every participant • Post-Its, a white board or chalk board and a marker or chalk • Copies of the “Stress Scenario” handout) • Copies of the “Stress Reliever Tips” handout

Part 1 (20 min): Introduction / Purpose, Objectives, Benefits / Ice Breaker 1. Introduce yourself to the participants by stating your name, city, occupation and an interesting fact about yourself. 2. The purpose of this lesson is to help participants identify stressors and to provide tools to cope with stress which will improve overall performance in academics (or anywhere else in the participant’s lives). 3. Begin the icebreaker: “Demonstrate Please.” This icebreaker is for 5-8 people. Instructions: a. Have the participants form a circle sitting down. b. Pass out one piece of paper and a pencil to everyone. c. Have the participants write down both something he/she likes to do and something he/she does not like to do, but have them keep this piece of information to themselves. (Please inform the participants that they have 1 minute to write this.) d. Ask everyone to stand up, but maintain the form of the circle. e. Randomly choose one person to go into the center of the circle with what he/she wrote. f. Read the exact following statement: “Now that you have written down something you like to do and something you do not like to do, you must “act it…...