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Stress definition:
Stress is pressure from unusual demands, constraints, or opportunities.
In other words; stress is a state of tension encountered by an individual(s) facing great unexpected requirements, constraints, or opportunities.

The things that cause the stress are called stressors.

There are two types of stressors:
• Direct stressors that can be traced directly from the workplace.

A list of common stressors includes the following:

• Task demands: being asked to do too much or being asked to do too little.

• Role ambiguities: not knowing what one is expected to do or how work performance is evaluated.

• Role conflicts: feeling unable to satisfy multiple, possibly conflicting, performance expectations.

• Ethical dilemmas: being asked to do things that violate the law or personal values.

• Interpersonal problems: experiencing bad relationships or working with others who do not get along.

• Career developments: moving too fast and feeling stretched; moving too slowly and feeling plateau.

• Physical setting: being bothered by noise, lack of privacy, pollution, or other unpleasant working conditions.

• Indirect stressors that can be driven from non-work and personal factors.

• Personal factors: such as personal needs, and capabilities.

• Economic difficulties

And a lot more.


From the above introduction, and in order to manage the stress, I have to know first where is the stress coming from, and then put a plan to either prevent the stress from happening in the first place, or manage it effectively if it happens, and try to make it a positive stress, and do not leave it to reach a negative reflection.

For me stress is coming from task demand (overload ), as I’m currently working, and having a lot of projects; one of them is opening the biggest hotel in the middle east overlooking…...

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