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Appendix D

The following table describes five situations in which a person reacts to stress in an unhealthy manner. For each: a. identify the stressor(s). b. briefly explain why the person's reaction is an unhealthy choice. c. briefly describe one healthy alternative way of reacting and why you consider this approach a healthy choice. d. identify two possible moderators of stress for this situation.

|Situation |Source(s) of Stress |Unhealthy Reaction |Healthy Reaction |Two Possible Moderators |
| | | | |of Stress |
|Every morning, as she prepares for her |Daily hassle, pain |Carole has become |Other methods such |Leave earlier so that |
|two-hour drive to work, Carole gets a |and discomfort, |overwhelmed with the|as meditation or |time is not an issue as |
|headache. |frustration, |thought of the long |happy thoughts could|she drives the two hour |
| |psychological |drive to the point |be used instead of |commute. |
| |barrier |that she is unable |all the negative | |
| | |to stay calm. |thoughts of the |Find music that is |
| | | |commute to work. She|entertaining to her that|
| | | |should take her |may keep her interest. |
| | | |focus off...

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