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Successful leaders are mindful of their actions. Leading becomes natural when you do so by example. They are positive and inspiring individuals. A great leader has been Sonia Sotomayor. The Honorable Sotomayer is from Puerto Rican and the first female U.S. Supreme Court Judge. She is a hard working, ethical who bonds with her community. The following is how to your effectiveness as a dominance style leader basing it on Judge Sotomayor’s great efforts as a leader. Judge Sotomayor is from Bronx, NY. She is very familiar with struggle. She had juvenile diabetes and took insulin at age 8. She graduated from Princeton and was the editor of the Yale Law Journal. She also joined a Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund. ( 27 May, 2009). The White House states the Judge is “one of the ablest federal judges currently sitting” (The White House, 26 May 2009). In 1979 she was hired as an Assistant District Attorney . She has the experience in law. Judge Sotomayor reviews factual details and legal doctrines in cases. This helps her arrive to her decisions (The White House, 26 May 2009). She is committed to co-workers and family. She is a mentor and a sponsor for inter inner city high schools.
Bronxdale homes were renamed after the Judge and that is where she grew up. The Judge is a great leader. She is a confident woman and is a great attorney. She is dedicated and a powerful Supreme Court Judge. She shows strong determination. She also continues to be humble.

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