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Strongest American President

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There is a great difference in opinion on who was the strongest American president. Three canidates up for debate as some of the strongest are Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. While these men all had some less then shining spots on their ledgers, they were all men of great metaphorical stature, (Lincoln however, could be considered both metaphorical and literal,) and had achievements that, had they not happened, the United States may not be the same place it is today.

Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth president of the United States. He is best known for his leadership during the American civil war and his actions against slavery ( source #1). Had he not been as bold and steadfast in his opinion for abolition
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The famed first American President did not set out to become a famed or great president (source #2). He wanted to lead a country with no leader, having just wrested it from the hands of King George III. Before even becoming president, he had already proven he was an acomplished leader. While his reputation is often marred by the fact that he lost his first command, leading his men into a massacre, witnessing their deaths firsthand, those arguing against him ignore his great shows of leadership in various other battles of the American Civl War. One, for instance, is his attack after loosing New Jersey to reclaim it, along with his right hand man Alexander Hamilton (source #2). After the war he presided over the Continental Congress, of which Thomas Jefferson was a part of, to assure the successful drafting the the U.S. Constitution (source #2). One of his greatest achievements, however, was stepping down from leadership after his second, term to the shock of many. This was because he wanted the country to be able to move forwards, even after he was gone. This is a great achievement because a lesser man would have likely enjoyed the power too much, and have remained president, thrusting the country back into the control of something similar to a monarchy. during his time as president, beyond the above, he signed a great number of treaties that resulted in many years of peace for the young country of America. Another is his decision after a cabinet meeting between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson to withhold from the French revolution, likely preventing the early demise of a new country. Without his actions, not only would the United States of America not be what is is today, it would very likely not be America at

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