Structured Observation: Child Temper Tantrums of My Younger Brother

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Purpose of the Study

This structured observation that is done through Event Sampling aims to:
1. Observe systematically the temper tantrum behavior of my younger brother.
2. Study the cause of why the temper tantrum behavior took place.
3. Analyze and assess the behavior of my younger brother to know and find ways on how to reduce its occurence.


Research Setting. The event sampling took place in the observer and subject’s residence in Block 5 Lot 10 S&V Townhomes, Bajac, Liloan, Cebu during the 1st ,5th, and 7th of March in the year 2016.

Research Participants. The subject of the study was the observer’s youngest brother (a 6 year old, first grader). The subject was chosen because the observer wanted to know the cause of it’s temper tantrum as a child. While the co observer for the study was the observer’s younger brother (a 15 year old, ninth grader), he was chosen because of his availability and he was the only one fit to do the job during the day of observation.

Instrument. The observer and the co observer only used a pen and paper for tallying the number of times the temper tantrums behavior occur during each observation period.

Procedure. Each observation lasted for an hour since the target behavior which was the temper tantrums of the subject does not happen frequently, the observer tallied the occurence of the behavior through Stroke Recording. Each temper tantrum behavior has a designated category which was based on the literature. During the second day of observation, a co observer was invited to test the inter subjective reliability of the study. The co observer was properly explained the categories of the target behavior in order to correctly record it. The observer observed unobtrusively to avoid the Hawthorne Effect, wherein the subjects knew that they were being observed and they will tend to…...