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Struggles of Working Mothers

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Why Women Say “They Still Can’t Have It All”

The Struggles of Working Mothers in Today’s Society


Today’s society and economy is structured in a way that does not allow women to easily maintain a balance between being a professional and being a mother. Although there has been a constant rise of women entering the workplace as professionals, the economy and society still does not recognize that these professional women are also mothers. Many companies also believe that women are not suitable for executive jobs either. Young women of today, who plan on having a career as well as a family, accept that they will eventually have to make sacrifices in their career rather than their husband. This has led women to believe and say that “They Can’t Have it All”.

The main reasons why women end up saying “They Can’t have it All” is due to factors such as unequal share of roles, an improper work-life balance, lack of flexibility, gender inequality and the lack of women executives and/or leaders in today’s society. In order for all of this to improve and to allow women “to have it all”, flexibility must be implemented into the workplace. Women should also assert equal housework in their home with their significant other. These two reasons alone can allow for more women to advance in the work place while still being a mother. This will help encourage and inspire young women to pursue executive, leading roles in which will eventually improve gender inequality.

1.0 Introduction ( why women can not have it all )

Prior to industrialization, women were held responsible to one role; being a housewife. The women’s role of being a housewife included caring for her family, managing household affairs and doing housework. However, in today’s society, more and more women are entering the...

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