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Content Summary I was taught very early on from Godly men in my life that hermeneutics were essential tools in interpreting the Word of God. However, as I traveled through the various stages of life in regard to hermeneutics that ranged from pride, frustration, ignorance, and now a desire to learn these tools. Stuart and Lee set out to offer guidelines for just that, hermeneutics - the art and science of the interpretation of literature and more specifically, the Bible The primary goal of their book seems to be to provide the interpreter with a variety of tools to assist in properly interpreting scripture. From the beginning Stuart and Fee provide reasons for the need of accurately interpreting scripture. For example, the letters and writing of the Bible were written in various times, in various cultures, and in different languages. All of these factors must be taken into account when discerning the original meaning of the text. In addition, I specifically appreciate the fact that Stuart and Fee from very beginning of their book explained that a temptation in exegeting scripture is the motivation of pride. I completely agree that the learning of and teaching of God’s Word should be done in confident humility.
In regards to the Old Testament, for example, Stuart and Fee give great caution to properly understanding the nuances of the Old Testament narratives. The Old Testament narratives are primarily, thought not solely, there to gives us a better understand of who God is. The temptation is that New Testament believers read the Old Testament and use it as way to live by rules and deeds. This misunderstanding leads to a life lived in bondage to the Law and in essence paralyzes us on the mission that we are told to be on in the New Testament. Stuart says, “Do not be a monkey-see-monkey-do reader of the Bible. No Bible narrative was written specifically...

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