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B2B Marketing Plan of FedEx
1.0 Introduction
According to Hutt and Speh (2004), Contemporary businesses operate in an environment that gets fiercely competitive by the day. To deal with this intensity of rivalry the typology of business networks has experienced extensive changes. One of the marked changes that businesses are undertaking is a change in marketing techniques. In an era where switching costs are low making customer loyalty to be shaky, old marketing strategies are no longer efficient. To attain a competitive edge and to attain sustainability, companies are being forced into the aspect of not only concentrating on current customers but actively looking for prospective customers.
These changes in organizational buying and selling behaviour can be explained by the concept of B2B marketing. The goal of this paper therefore is to write an managerial report on B2B communication at FedEx. To achieve this goal it is imperative by understanding the fundamentals of B2B marketing. The second section will be a brief overview of the company in question, FedEx. This will be followed by the crux of the report an exploration of B2B marketing at FedEx. The paper will then be concluded by a summary of the major points covered.
2.0 Fundamentals of B2B Marketing
Business to business branding hereinafter referred to simply as B2B is a marketing terminology that is used to describe a multi layered commercial strategy between businesses. Biemans (2010) explains that B2B marketing is when a business focuses on selling its products/services to another business instead of selling directly to the end consumer. A ripe example of B2B marketing in this regard is when Yahoo took over the Alibaba Company. The author goes ahead to establish that in B2B marketing, a company’s primary focus is the product logic or the main features of a product or a service.
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