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Student-Athlete Struggles

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Throughout high school people tend to associate with people like themselves whether it be cheerleaders with other cheerleaders, honor students with other honor students, or even music lovers with other music lovers. Through all these different types of people in one high school setting, two groups stand out above all, high school athlete participants (student-athletes) and those who do not participate in high school athletics (regular students). From available time outside of school, to diversity in additional activities, student-athletes and regular students share and differ in these aspects of high school.
Three-a-days in addition to summer workouts, practice five days a week, a multitude of games, the playoffs, the injuries, and the pressure are all the difficulties and grinds a typical high school student-athlete faces. Whereas regular students face the standard seven-hour school day, maybe an hour or two of club activities, and then seven free hours to do whatever one might desire. A student-athlete faces practices and workouts until the evening only to come home to eat a quick dinner and hit the books hard studying late into the night. With practices or games lasting so late into nights, student-athletes face restricted time in available free time for necessary studying and sleeping. On the other hand, regular students arrive home from school in the late afternoon with hours ahead of them before even a family dinner or a primetime television show is broadcasted. Thus, providing regular students with necessary study time to achieve “nerd” status and make the oh so honorable “straight A’s”. Although student-athletes struggle in receiving necessary study time and free time to achieve high grades and do as they please, they are required to go to school (forget about those few jocks that skip) five days a week and take the same classes, receive the same number of...

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