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Student Benefits in Joining a Business Club

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By Amanda Gentry, Cheyanne Schaefer, and Courtney Forbis
“The School of Business is home of some of the most active and dynamic student clubs and organizations” (Pacific Lutheran University, 2013). This sounds great for incoming business students, until they walk into a Human Resource club meeting with only seven members attending. According to the undergraduate program coordinator, only 36% of the 210 declared business majors attend business clubs (J. Reed, personal communication, December 2, 2013). Out of the four clubs, only the club for marketing students have a good turnout.
The problem comes from the lack of motivation for students to attend. Their excuses range from needing to focus on school work to not being able to attend meetings late at night. It could even be the belief that the clubs at PLU are a waste of time to participate in. However, no matter how big the reasoning is to avoid participating in clubs, it cannot outweigh the benefits that joining a club provides to college students. Students who are involved in business clubs do better personally, academically, and professionally than students who do not get involved.
The college experience isn’t from sitting in the classroom all day listening to lectures. "The college experience is about getting involved. No other time in our lives are we saturated with so many diverse ideas, perspectives, lifestyles, and goals” (University, 2013). Students who participate in business clubs develop and grow as individuals, increase their GPA average, and learn more about their concentrating fields.
Business clubs help students develop and grow as individuals. A study done by Foubert and Grainger showed that students who joined a school club had higher levels of psychosocial development such as establishing and clarifying purpose, lifestyle planning, and lifestyle management than students who never joined...

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