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1. Describe the three methods discussed in your text for studying development (changes over time).

The three methods that reserchers used to study human development are:
Cross sectional: goups of people of one age are compared with people of another age.
Longitudinal research: colllecting data repeatedly on the same individuals as they age.
Cross sequential research: individuals in the cross sectional sample are testedmore than once over a specific period of time.

2. Name the three prenatal periods, and identify the time period for each period. Describe the significant developments that take place during each of the three prenatal periods.

Germinal period: the first 2 weeks after conception. During this period the zygote begins to duplicate and division within hours of conception. The placenta develpes, implantion occurs and organism occurs rapidly.
Embryonic period: occurs from the 3rd through the 8th week. During this period all the basic form of the body structures develop.
Fetal period: occurs from the 9th week until birth. During this period fetus grows in size and matures in functioning, genitals form and all body parts and system complete.

3. Identify and describe Piaget’s six substages of sensorimotor intelligence, and give examples of the behavior associated with each stage.

Stage one: birth to 1 month. Called the stage of the reflexes. Eample: sucking, grasping, staring and listening.

Stage two: 1 to 4 month. The first acquired adaptations: accommodation and coordination of reflexes. Example: sucking a pacifier different from a nipple.

Stage three: 4 to 8 months. During this stage infants seek to respond to people and objects. Example: the mother kisses the babies belly, the baby likes it and he needs a repeat behavior so he pulls the mothers head to do another kiss.

Stage four: 8 to 12...

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