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Student Should Not Go Abroad for Study

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Do you agree for disagree with the following statement? Student should not go abroad for study. Use specific reasons and details to support your opinion. The issue about whether student should go abroad for study or not is a debatable one. Some students think that study abroad brings many benefits, while others are of the opinion that they should finish university education in their motherland. For several reasons, which I will list bellow, I disagree with those people who think that student should not go to study in a foreign country.
Firstly, the main reason why students prefer foreign countries for study would be: they always seek some changes regards to their education. If it is foreign countries, they can learn different languages and cultures while it is difficult if they constantly stay at one place. This aspect helps them to gain experiences as well as knowledge. For instance, in many overseas countries, once students complete their degree or course, those countries will offer a wide variety of opportunities to get into a prestigious company.
Furthermore, independent lifestyle is a big and significant part in one person's life. Many people in other countries want to run their life on their own. They aspire for an independent life and eventually this would develop their self-esteem and confidence level. In addition to this, students can make new friends there and consequently they will be well-developed in the language skills. Sometimes students might be suffering from many difficulties but they could develop their abilities to tackle problems. This makes them to adapt to any kind environment.
Some other advantages of studying in a foreign country include: exposure to diverse cultures and customs, better ability to handle international clients in career life, opportunity to learn more in a better university, opportunity to work in a world-wide reputed…...

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