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Case of Embezzlement of Government Employee

1. In UAE an employee Mr. Hassan from the transports authority supposedly embezzled a huge amount of almost Dh 80,000 in fees, and the case filed against him in criminal court. Prosecutors first have gone through the procedure of internal department and audit procedure the prosecutors thus filed the embezzlement file against him after the audit that the defendant has been proven indulged in the embezzlement within the company intentionally along the sufficient evidence available.

2. Now that once the case will be forwarded to the court for clarification or resolution if the case will be filed or suppose the case is really filed against the defendant Mr. Hassan will be the defendant and prosecutors will be the plaintiff.

Unilateral Contract Case

1. Unilateral contracts are those contracts in which one party must legally act accordingly with contract or obligated act. Or to be more specific in light of responsibility once two parties have entered to the contract after, that both of them are liable to act accordingly upon the basis of all clauses consideration. Till future any disputes comes between them they both will have crystal clear conditions per contract where there wont be any conflicts among them.
For example, Mr.Hamdan offeror has hired an employee Mr.Ali Abdullah against 3500 AED for monthly pay for the position of finance assistant after signing contract to him and passing his two months of work he is not paying his monthly salary which was previously agreed between both and legally signed . Now Mr.Ali Abdullah who is the victim or is the prosecutor can file case against his employer.

2. Based upon the contract in every organization or rules of every company which are following the standards and are agreed previously between the employer and employee or offeror and offere Mr.Ali Abdullah...

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