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Students Are to Write a Literature Review on Two Specific Types of Career Development Programmes (Baruch, 2003, P. 251): (a) for Ethnic Minority Workers, and (B) for Workers in Gender-Untypical Occupations (I.E., Either

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Introduction :

For the past decades Britain is becoming increasingly diverse country. Ethnic minorities make up one third of the population. According to the 2001 Census 92% of the total population are identified as white and approximately 7.9 % of the population (ONS2001) belong to ethnic minority.
Even though some improvement has been made in the labour market during the past 40 years, researches prove that ethnic minority workers are experiencing high levels of unemployment and lack of suitable employment opportunities. If compared to british or other white , the ethnic minorities in the Uk are mainly engaged in non professional low paid jobs. However some researches prove that not all of the ethnic minority workers are suffering from lower level of employment. Indian and Chinese groups for example have high levels of employment in professional jobs. Other groups are not showing the same tendency. Pakistani and Bangladeshi are mainly doing unstable and low paid jobs.Black Carribean, Black Affrican and other Black groups are standing somewhere in between. The question here is what is missing for those people to be in equal position with their conterparts?
The aim of this review is to outline specific career development programmes for both ethnic minority workers and for workers in gender untypical occupations. The focus will be on the position of unemployed ethnic minorities in the labour market and how labour market training programmes help for better labour market opportunities.

Barriers to employment:

OECD research has found that the employment gap between ethnic minorities and others non ethnic minorities can be explained to a certain extend with the lower level of education.Researches show that the second generation benefit from better employment due to better education , but still not to the same extend as the children of natives. A critical...

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