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Students Attendance Management System

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EFFICIENT ALGORITHM FOR SAMS USING FACE RECOGNITION Shamal Sane,Avinash Bansod ,Trupti Gautre Department of computer Engineering,
Bapurao Deshmukh College Of Engineering,Sewagram

Students attendance management system(SAMS) can be made more efficiently by using face recognition.Face recognition is a computer application technique which automatically identifying a person from a video frame from a video source.The objective of this paper is to develop an automated SAMS using Median filter.This paper describes a system that atomatically marks the attendance without human intervention.In this system attendence is recorded by camera attached
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Real Time face recognition using adaboost improved fast PCA algorithm Author: K. Susheel Kumar,Shitala Prasad,Vijay Bhaskar Semwal3, R C Tripathi

Principal component analysis algorithm and linear disciminant analysis algorithm were used in their paper.That system used multi cameras for high accuracy.Use of multi cameras is not always preferrable.

2.3. A MATLAB based Face Recognition System using
Image Processing and Neural Networks Author: Jawad Nagi, Syed Khaleel Ahmed,Farrukh Nagi. Face Recognition is done with the use of artificial intelligence.In their system they used 2D-DCT for feature extraction.Disadvantage of that system is currently the commercial use of that technique do not exist.

2.4. A Students Attendance System Using QR Code Author: Fadi Masalha,Nael Hirzallah They had proposed QR code based lecture attendance.In their paper, Qr code is scanned by students with Smartphone application. Also GPS locations is used for fraud detection.That technique requires security procedures which is less efficient.

2.5. Intigrated system for monitoring and recognizing students during class session Author: Mohammad A. Alia, Abdelfatah Aref Tamimi and Omaima N. A.
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1. Abhishek Jha “Class Room Attendance System Using Facial Recognition System,” The International journal of mathematics, science, Technology and managment (ISSN:2319-8152)vol.2 issue 3
2. M Saranya , S Padmavati “Face Tracking In Video by using Kalman Filter,” International journal of Engineering Research and Application, ISSN:2248-9622,vol. 4, Issue 6(version 3) june 2014, pp.54-58
3. K. Shushil Kumar,Shitala Prasad, Vijay Bhaskar Semwal,r.c Tripathi “REAL TIME FACE RECOGNITION USING ADABOOST IMPROVED FAST PCA ALGORITHM,” Intrnational Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Application (IJAIA), vol. 2, no. 3, July 2011
4. Fadi Masalha, Nael Hirzallah “A Student Attendance system usin QR code” (IJACSA) International Journal of Advance Computer Science and Application vol. 5, No. 3, 2014
5. Jawad Nagi, Syed Khaleel Ahmed, Farrukh Nagi “A Matlab Based Face Recognition System using Image Processing and Nural Networks,” fourth International Colloquium on Signal Processing and its Application, march7-9,2008, kuala Lumpur, malaysia
6. MythuKalyani.k , Veera Mutha.A, “Smart Application for AMS using Face Recognition” Computer Science and Engineering: An International Journal (CSEJI), vol. 3, No. 5, october

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