Students Attitude Towards Science in Relation to Their Academic Performance Among Elementary Pupils

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Chapter I


This situation prompted the researcher to conduct a study on students’ attitude towards science and health in relation to their academic performance in an identified school. In today’s world, science encompasses many ways of gaining information which helps individuals know themselves and their environment better and develop and renew this information frequently. Teaching science and technology to individuals help them to learn how adopt and adapt an inclination which forces them to think objectively and make the right decision confronting different events and situations. This inclination provides a comfortable life for them as well as for their family and their environment (Akgun, 2001). If students learn science using a scientific procedure and skill they would be able to use these procedures and skills in their daily life. In this procedure, while students’ attitudes towards science increase, they develop their creativity skills. During the primary educational period, courses on science and technology achieve a great importance comparing to the other courses since these courses teach students the environment, natural events and scientific developments as well as critical thinking and problem solving. (Kaptan, 1999)
An attitude is an inclination to gaining a skill and is identified as an individual characteristic that provide a background for accepting a positive subject or denying a negative one. Thus, by improving a positive attitude among students towards science, while we can increase students’ attitudes towards science and led them to choose employment related to professional careers. (Altinok, 2004)
Science is the catalyst of sustainable growth and development. Attitudes, like academic achievement, are important outcomes of science education in elementary school. The development of students’…...