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Students Satisfaction

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In this world of cutthroat competition, each and every organization should deliver some quality service to sustain. This concept can be related to the educational institutions as well where the student satisfaction is perceived as the means to end. Student satisfaction has been the compelling interest to every colleges and university as they are encouraged to improve the learning environment for the students and demonstrate their institutional services. Laurie A. Schreiner (2009) stated student satisfaction is perceived differently at each level and also help to determine the persistence of the student in the universities.
The term student satisfaction can be defined as student’s perception pertaining to the college experience and perceived value of the education received while attending an educational institution (Astin, 1993). Education is the key factor in determining the satisfaction level of the student however other issues like the environment, safety, technology, tuition fees, etc. calculate the student satisfaction. Satisfaction is the good predictor for the retention of the student (Astin 1993) that is proved to be beneficial for the university.

The measurement of student satisfaction is essential to any institution. Student satisfaction helps to pinpoint the strength and the weakness of School of business administration. The purpose of the study is to identify the factors associated with student’s experience. Student satisfaction not only assesses the quality of the faculty but also unfolds the overall experience of the school of business administration. Taking different factors into consideration...

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