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Riviera Radio, that is a one of the successful station in Monaco, is not smoothly from the beginning. It established by Princess Grace’s ideal and her friends from 1950’s. They want to offer a radio place for the Anglophone community. In the initial period, it provided to transmit music, and permanent residents, and advertisements to the Anglophone community in the initial Riviera. Nevertheless, it had met several problems. At first, a variety of people, jobs, and lifestyle: The signal from Italian across Monaco to French and there are over 120 nationalities in there, how can it cater for everyone's flavors? Another problem is advertisers: for RR(Riviera Radio), the most important part of money is for advertisers. It needed to find ways to disinter more clients and advertisers.
Paul Kavanagh was given this mission in 2003. Besides, he thought the core value of RR is “Anglo”. In addition, he went to RR to be best friend of their clients. In order to fulfill his mission, he offers three orientations for RR. First, the female listeners were decreasing to 40% of total listeners in 2006, so he decided to add one woman, Elizabeth Lewis, with Peter and Rob who are hosts too in the noontime. Furthermore, he provided both female voices to the prime time slot in order to retrieve their female clients. Another orientation is that he tried to increase the listeners of Russian because he found that Russian consumption is a huge part of the industry's revenue Monaco. The last is about the employees he hired. He hired the three British, one Australia, and an American base voice over actor for advertisements and on air announcements. In addition, sometimes Paul’s voice can be heard in by his Irish accent.
Nowadays, we use mobile programs to listen to music and news such as Pandora and NPR. During past 20 years, because of technological progress, the pattern of radio has changed...

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