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Financing Strategy: Sources of Capital and Business Plans

Executive Summary
Market Analysis The growth that is occurring in the North Fluminense (Brazil) due to large oil discoveries in the Campos basin, has the city of Macaé as the epicenter.
The change of legislation, which opened the market for petroleum carriers worldwide, and PETROBRAS search for trading partners in order to accelerate fundraising and minimize the risk of their ventures come to intensify further the regional economy. This has caused growth far above the national average in Macaé, from both the population (which has quadrupled) and the economic (600% of grow in the last 10 years) point of view. It is clear the growing installation of large networks of hotel industry and international designer stores which are unusual in small towns in Brazil; as well as the gradual shift of administrative offices of large oil industry organizations and the like, which shows the current expansion and the expectation of prosperity for the local economy leveraged by good prospects for oil exploration and production of the Campos basin. Due to this growth, Macaé is classified as one of the six best cities for employment and business in Brazil, with a considerable population of medium/high purchasing power. This combined with the low speed installation of business related to the well-being of people in the city (entertainment, health, leisure, etc) clearly points to many business opportunities.
The business proposal described herein is to build a Center for Monitored Physical Exercise named: “ATTITUDE PILATES STUDIO”; based on the PILATES method, which combines improvements in the body esthetic while fixing postural problems. It is a method already widespread in large centers, but it will be a pioneer in Macaé. The joint venture will offer innovative inherent method and high quality…...

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