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Test Plan Psych Final
Medications – 7
Dystonia- sustain contraction of the muscles in the face. Mm tightness, head/nick/through, can’t swallow—like a cramp.
Akathisia- restlessness, inability to sit still, agitation, excitement, insides are just jumping out of you.
Antisocial-mine, mine I don’t care who I hurt, may break rules, social norms, and conformity-stealing.
NMS(neurolytic malignant syndrome)- Produced by a neurolyptic drug(antipsychotics-typical or atypical). Causes severe EPS-where you get muscle breakdown; you have rhabdomyolosis. Confusion, agitation, disoriented, BP starts going up “peaking”, pulse starts peaking, fever peaks and goes up, Severe EPS, hyperthermia, HTN, tachycardia,
What drug causes agranulocytosis, and how do I know that I got it? Clozaril: fever, sore throat, and malaise.
Cholesestatic jaundice(SE of a neuroleptic-antipsychotic meds): N, V, malaise, RUQ pain, low grade fever. What drug do I have to worry about electrolyte imbalances? Lithium.

Assessment 3 - ?
Flight of ideas- rapid thoughts of a connected theme.
Loose associations-jump from one subject to another.
When we’re doing assessments- subjective (what they tell us)vs objective(measurable data); assessment, and your plan.

Flight of ideas

Flight of ideas- rapid thoughts of a connected theme.
Loose associations-jump from one subject to another.

Therapeutic communication 3
What to do when a patient is panic’ed when entering a psych unit; primary thing to do, introduce yourself. Tell them we’re here to help if you need anything.
Set boundaries with intrusive patients.
Don’t should anyone!!! We don’t argue with people!! We don’t say “that’s not true!” We don’t give false reassurances We don’t ask why? We don’t say-they’re idiots!! How does that make you feel?
What’s good: Open ended questions- “oh that’s interesting.” “That...

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