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Drunkenness Is A Failure of a Man

The man whose story is here to be told was the son of the wealthiest and influential person in his generation; his name was Shan Capobianco a shameless rogue, dissolute man and alcoholic. Lying in his bed, having a thought of being alone, sad and full of regrets. Thinking the past that cause him why he suffered now a lung cancer. Harry appeared in his room going near to him and sit beside him with pitiful face. “ I lost everything I owned ,” Shan uttered softly I thought I had learned my lessons in life and surely wouldn’t make the same mistakes again! But I was wrong. I consider myself to be an irresponsible person. “No, you are good and responsible person, Harry said”
I should blame myself Harry, come on don’t be like numb pretending that I’m fine. I’m not fine Harry I’m not. “Ok stop it,” Harry shouted. Harry was a very upright and religious man. A mutual friend of Shan who seeks help to his friend when he needs financial problems. They are best of friends since at the age of 15.Harry knew that Shan is an adopted child of his godparents the wealthiest among the popular person in their country.
What happen to you Shan? You are not like this when we were young. What makes you to do this? Harry murmured facing Shan where asleep.
Then he remembered before Shan was in the hand of Capobianco couple. Still fresh in his mind that his aunt and his godmother talking about adoption. He was in the kitchen at that time when he heard the story of his godmother. I met my husband while I was living and working in London and we got married when I was 27 and he was 29; says Veronica.
I have always been career focused and assumed the desire for children would kick in at some point. A year later after our wedding,we moved back her in...

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