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The researchers would like to extend their gratitude to the following persons who gave assistance for making this project possible:
Dr. Susana B. Cabahug, our research instructor and adviser, who has given us encouragement and guidance in making this research project,
Our parents thank you for having given us financial and moral support for this study;
Our friends in Mandaue City College who have never failed to cheer us up so that we may have the appetite to finish this research; and
Most of all, to the Almighty Father, for giving us our lives, potentials, infinite blessings and love.
To all of you, thank you very much!

The Researchers



This work is heartedly dedicated to: Our Almighty God; Our beloved parents; Our siblings; Our instructors; Our friends; and Our classmates.

The Researchers


Chapter 1



Rationale of the Study

This is the first attempt to determine the study habits of students in Mandaue City College since its first operation started in Academic Year 2007-2008, born out of the curiosity of the researchers with regard to aspects where the MCCnians from all curricular programs are strong and where they are weak in their learning.
Whether the students have been succeeding or failing in their courses during their years of schooling in this College, no study have been made either.
So this present study serves as an eye opener for students to know what aspects in their learning process they need to improve or strengthen. Hopefully, this will help them to start to learn more effectively.

Theoretical Background
The study habits of...

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