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Study Habits of Students Athletes

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“The importance of this study is to understand the study habits of student athletes and the relationships between their learning styles (Caitlin, 2012). Having a good study habits helps the students balance their academic performance with their co-curricular activities. Students can get a head start on their work, can get enough sleep at night and reduce the stress when they have time management.
Having good study habits can make student athletes accomplish their priorities and responsibilities on time. Study habits help to discipline the student athletes. This study will help students, who are part of co-curricular activities, to manage their time and right balance between having fun, having a quiet time, and having time socializing. Student athletes can be successful if they have study habits because they discover and learn more skills just to study. Study habits help to discipline the student athletes
The significance of this study to the student athletes of CSR Makati is to know the ways of managing their studies while doing co-curricular activities. At the sa me time, having good grades in their academics. If they are going to do their responsibilities well, it will help them to have enough sleep that they need and also lower their stress level. The student athletes can achieve their full potential than the non-athletes because they discover and learn more about better ways of managing time to study and do their activities because the student’s athletes will practice their skills in doing multitasking.
Through this study, the information they gather can be shared to the society especially to the student who are newly engaging to co-curricular activities, ideas on how to balance their academics while doing other extra-curricular activities to help them work...

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