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Study Habits of Tourism Students of College of the Holy Spirit Related to Their Academic Performance

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College is only a glimpse of the real world. It is a transition stage wherein one is given the opportunity to learn more about oneself, explore possibilities, and broaden one’s horizon. Students learn to relate well and manage people, work in teams, and hone their skills and develop their ability to its maximum potential.
Attending college is indeed a preparation to the actual work that one must experience. It is a journey that young people need to undertake in order to be ready to face the challenges of life. It is one of the developmental tasks that they must overcome successfully. Education and multiple skills enhancement have become the principal vehicles in the creation of sustainable advantage in the competitive world market.

Poor academic performance has been implicated as one of the major factors for adolescents to have poor self-esteem (Call et al, 1990, cited by Isaac et al., 2006). These individuals do not have the passion and motivation to persevere in their studies. They could not see what lies ahead and what they will be expected to do when they reach their next stage of development. Consequently, they are confused academically and hoping to have a guide who will help them in this moment of personal and academic struggles.

Hurlock (2000) also pointed out that academic performance is one of the developmental tasks adolescents need to accomplish, successful achievement of which leads to happiness and success with later tasks, while failure leads to unhappiness and difficulty.
In this connection, the researchers would tend to believe that tourism students have disadvantage when it comes to their academic preparation unless the necessary support is given by their parents and school as well. Hence, there is a need to help them adjust to the demands of their academic life to make them competitive and respond to the needs of the industry.

Background of the Study

This study focuses on the Study Habits of Tourism Students of the College of the Holy Spirit Related to their Academic Performance.

Considering that the students are the center of the educative process, their needs should always be given an utmost attention so that quality instruction, support services and campus life can be provided with a better career that will give them better future. It is also a hope by the researchers that the result of this study would give additional insight to the faculty of the College of Holy Spirit to bring enhancement and innovations in their teaching strategies.

Statement of the Problem
This study is an attempt to assess the study habits of tourism students of the College of the Holy Spirit enrolled during the first semester of A.Y. 2011-2012. Specifically, it seeks to answer the following questions: 1. What is the profile of the probationary students in terms of: 2.1 Age; 2.2 Gender; 2.3 Year level? 2. What is the study habits of the tourism students in terms of: 3.4 Reading; 3.5 Noting; 3.6 Time management; 3.7 Study environment 3.8 Exam preparation
3. What is the relationship between the study habits of the tourism students of College of the Holy Spirit Manila and their academic performance for the academic year 2011-2012?

Conceptual Framework of the Study

A. Demographic Profile of Students

1.1 Age; 1.2 Gender; 1.3 Year level

B. Study Habits variables

1.1 Reading 1.2 Noting 1.3 Time management 1.4 Study environment 1.5 Exam preparation

A. Demographic Profile of Students

1.4 Age; 1.5 Gender; 1.6 Year level

B. Study Habits variables

1.6 Reading 1.7 Noting 1.8 Time management 1.9 Study environment 1.10 Exam preparation

Improved study habits of the tourism students of College of the Holy Spirit Manila in relation to their academic performance.

Improved study habits of the tourism students of College of the Holy Spirit Manila in relation to their academic performance.

Correlate the problems with the demographic profile of respondents using

* Survey Questionnaire

* Statistical Analysis

* Relative Frequency * Weighted Mean

Correlate the problems with the demographic profile of respondents using

* Survey Questionnaire

* Statistical Analysis

* Relative Frequency * Weighted Mean


Figure 1 Study Habits of Tourism Students Related to their Academic Performance
As presented in Figure 1, the input determines the demographic profile of the tourism students such as; age, gender and year level. Under the study habits variables are the delay avoidance, work method and the study attitudes of the tourism students of College of the Holy Spirit Manila.
The process shows how the researchers conduct a survey from the respondents using a questionnaire and statistical analysis that involves the relative frequency and weighted mean formula.
The output aims to improve the study habits of the tourism students of College of the Holy Spirit Manila in relation to their academic performance.
Assumption of the Study
The study assumes the following: 1. That study habits affect the academic performance of tourism students. 2. That study habits can be improved through an input-process-output design.

Hypotheses There is a significant relationship between the study habits and the academic performance of the respondents. Significance of the Study The evaluation of the data obtained by the study will benefit the following:

Schools. Schools will essentially benefit from this study, as this will be an eye opener in providing enrichment program to the students that will improve their study habits and attitudes towards academic success.

Tourism Students. Tourism students will benefit from this study as this will serve as a motivation to enhance their study habits.

Professors/Teachers. Professors and teachers will benefit from this study as they will realize that they can act as the mentor, guide and a model that would inspire students in having an effective study habits that will help them achieve a better academic performance.

Researchers will benefit from this study, as this will allow them to gain additional information of the needs and problems of this group of students. In general, the knowledge that would be gained from the proposed research will generate successive studies on the subject.

Scope and Limitations of the Study
The study will be limited on all tourism students of College of the Holy Spirit Manila. A questionnaire made by the researchers will be the basis that will deal with the respondent’s study habits.
The researchers turn out to be curious about the study habits of the tourism students as the researchers are fellow tourism students too.

Definition of Terms
The following definitions are provided for clarity of thought and better understanding of this study.

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