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Study Habits and Academic Performance of Working Students

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Study Habits and Academic Performance of Working Students

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Study Habits and Academic Performance of Working Students


The Problem and Its Background


Each one of us strives to realize our dreams, to make it come true and to live with it, believing that each day will be each step to success. Parents work hard to give the best for their children. The government offers programs and solutions to problems, for the benefit and development of the people. And as an individual, we have responsibility to help ourselves and be beneficial to others. Working students are those individuals who find ways to make things possible for themselves and to others.

As we become modern, more and more students find ways to cope with the situation. Poverty, emotional problems, environment aspects and other problems are not enough reason for them to lose hope and stop dreaming. Instead it helps them become more determine in pursuing their dreams and reaching their goals. Determination and courage give them strength to overcome whatever comes their way and make it through.

Working while studying helps them pay their tuition fees, buy their necessities and or if possible help their parents and siblings. And because of doing part-time jobs and or the others full-time jobs, they can afford going to college or university. It helps them gain experience needed in having self-discipline, becoming committed and responsible individual. This helps them grow more as individuals, strong and independent enough to pursue their own potentials and reach their limit.

This study enables us to focus on things that are more important in life and give us more insight on the real and actual life the working students have to go through. This may...

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