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One of the major problems in teaching is the formation of desirable study habits among pupils in order to make them independent and effective learners. Some authors say that we should teach students not only what to learn but how to learn. Students stay in school for a limited time but learning is a lifetime process.
Study is the stage of formal learning by means of which the individual undergoes changes in behavior through the achievement of knowledge, facts and information, and the establishment of desirable habits, skills, attitudes and appreciation in an efficient and economic way. The major task of the teacher is to motivate, encourage and assist students in effective study, to provide a strong motive and direct students in such a way that they may obtain good study habits.
For one, developing good study habits leads to the accelerated reading power if the students enabling them to learn more root words that help them to understanding difficult lessons.
Habit is important because its application and influence includes every aspect of human life. In studying, without the proper habits, learning would be faulty if not impossible, since education consists largely of the process of habit formation.
Hence, an increase in the reading power has a total effect on the sensory capabilities of students to perceive the logical approach in tackling the most important lessons of topics discussed in class by the teachers. It is not only the sense of perception that developed in the student but also the power good judgment. This is exemplified and manifested by correctly choosing the answer in questions them require reasoning.
From the point of view of identifying and classifying the types of answer which require lengthily explanation, the student who persists in developing good study habits can prepare…...