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According to Ilda (2011) on her post to the website to Get Real Philippines!, Filipinos in general have the desire to be on a permanent state of euphoria or at least with being supposed to be a happy-go-lucky society no matter what circumstances they are in. Happy-go-lucky is a characteristic of a person in which he is optimistic on things around him, takes things lightly, and often smiles. Often, Filipinos get their smiles while watching television. According to the study of Sigmund Freud, watching television can cause absorption and imaginative involvement, a defense mechanism to escape one’s problems. Many people consider the hour of study, as very important. Student need to develop time management skills. They must realize that there is a time to be in a class, a time to study, time for family, and time to socialize. The critical issue is recognition that there must be an appropriate balance. The more appropriate question is, “How can students study more effectively?” The use of gadgets as phones, video games, computers, text messaging, television, music, ipod, and tablet can all decrease the ability the student to learn. Whatever is going on inside one’s mind is going to affect the study habits of the student. Television is a good tool to receive news and entertainment. However, owning a television causes problems, one of which is how to manage time that must be spent in watching T.V and time that must be spent in studying. One of the common scenarios in a family is on how to control the time consumed in watching T.V. There is always a continual reminder among parents, relatives to the importance of concentrating more time in studying than in watching television. There is a lot T.V station in our country. Some of them are highly reputable like GMA, ABS-CBN and, TV5 those station produce a high quality and remarkable shows and program that can easily catch the attention of audiences specially that young people today.

Background of the study

The Laguna State Polytechnic College was first established as a provincial high school known as Baybay Provincial High School in 1952. It was the first public high school established in the Baybay District. In 1957 by virtue of RA 1807, it was converted into an agricultural school known as the Baybay National Agricultural and Vocational School. Realizing the need for a college in the eastern portion of Laguna, the school was then renamed into Baybay National College of Agriculture and Technology in 1971 by virtue of RA 6327. Since its establishment, expansion after expansion has been done, the number of enrolment, infrastructures and projects/programs has been increased and sustained. Hence, in 1983 by virtue of Batas Pambansa No. 482, it was converted into a state college, known as the Laguna State Polytechnic College.
The State College is located 124 kilometers away from Manila and rests on a 33-hectare site in its host campus at Siniloan, Laguna; along the lake. Aside from this, there is the state college extension site located in Barangay Kapatalan, Siniloan, Laguna consisting of 100 hectares, about 20 kilometers from the host campus. Hence, a total land area of 134 hectares.
From then on the Laguna State Polytechnic College grew bigger and better, with the incumbency of Dr. Ricardo A. Wagan, as the first LSPC (now LSPU) President. It has opened four (4) satellite campuses and integrated three (3) CHED-Supervised Institutions in accordance with the pertinent provisions of RA 8292: 1) Laguna College of Arts and Trades now LSPU - Santa Cruz campus located at Barangay Bubukal, Santa Cruz, Laguna; 2) Los Banos College of Fisheries now LSPU - Los Banos Campus located at Barangay Mayondon - Malinta, Los Banos, Laguna; and 3) San Pablo City National School of Arts and Trades now LSPU - San Pablo City Campus.The satellite campuses were established through Memoranda of Agreement with the local government of Laguna, to wit: 1) LSPC Nagcarlan Satellite Campus, Nagcarlan, Laguna; 2) Santa Maria Satellite Campus, Santa Maria, Laguna; 3) Cabuyao Satellite Campus, Cabuyao, Laguna; 4) Santa Cruz Satellite Campus, RECS Village/San Luis Sports Complex, Santa Cruz, Laguna.
In 2007, LSPC made a pivotal turn and was converted into LSPU by Republic Act 9402, making it the forerunner of higher educational excellence in the province of Laguna. With a wide array of curricular offerings, it caters to a diverse clientele in the province and in the nearby areas. The main thrusts of these University Campuses are as follows: Agricultural Technology-Siniloan Campus, Engineering and Mechatronics Technology-Santa Cruz Campus, Fishery Technology-Los Banos Campus and Electronics Technology-San Pablo City Campus.
The first president of LSPU, Dr. Ricardo A. Wagan, opened the satellite campuses in Nagcarlan, Santa Maria, Philippines, Cabuyao and the San Luis Sports Complex. By the Higher Education Modernization Act of 1998, the other CHED-Supervised Institutions (CSIs) were integrated with the system during 1999-2000. The College was converted into university status by subsequent legislation, effective on April 10, 2007. Thence, the Laguna State Polytechnic University. On May 3, 2011, the Board of Regents named Dr. Nestor M. De Vera as the second University President

Statement of the Problem

The main inquiry of the study is to assess the effects of the TV programs in the study habits of the BSIT students of LSPU-LBC. It includes answering the following question:
1.) What is the demographic profile of the respondents in term of;
a. Age
b. Gender

2.) What are the effects of watching TV-program on the study habits of the respondents?

3.) What are the effects of watching TV-program on the relationship of the respondents with their family, friends, social life, and schoolmates?

Hypothesis 1. There would be significant difference between boys and girls with regard to their study habits.

2. There would be significant impact of TV viewing on study habits among school going people.
Significance of the Study The researcher wanted to asses if the students will spend more of the time studying their lesson compared to their time in watching TV-program and how it will effect into their academic performances.

Theoretical Framework


Fig. 1 Conceptual Paradigm of the study

Fig. 1 shows the flow of the dependent and independent variables. The Independent variables is frequency of watching TV-programs of the first year and second year BSIT students of LSPU-LBC while the Dependent variables are the possible factors affecting preferences on the respondents viewing of TV-program.

Scope and limitation The assessments deal with the effects of watching TV-programs in the study habits of first year and second year BSIT students of LSPU-LBC, specially its impact to their study habits and relationships with their classmates, friends, and family. And how it’s affects their academic performances. The assessment is limited on gathering data as a medium to answer the problem, Surveys were used to gather data needed for the study. The distribution of the survey questionnaires was the major instrument and medium for collecting ideas of the students with regards of the problem. The assessment is restricted only to the respondents who accomplished survey questionnaire.

Definitions of terms

Medium – means of communication Respondent - The one who respond to the questionnaires Study habits – allotted time of the student to study their academic lessons TV- programs - a program broadcast by television Television – method of transmitting images by radio waves and electrical impulses


Review of related literature and studies

In today’s modern world televisions are everywhere from airports to the corner of the average household living room. They provide access to entertainment, news, politics, religious sermons, and so much more. Despite this (or because of it) televisions can cause major problems especially for students. Although television can be informative and relaxing, an increase in television watching is deleterious to study habits because it takes up free time, promotes procrastination, and is not intellectually stimulating.

For the average student free time can be hard to come by. One must divide their day between school, family, friends, and hobbies. The average television show ranges from a half an hour to an hour. Spending one or more hours a day adds up and decreases ones free time which can also decrease ones efficiency at everyday tasks. The more television one watches the less time they have in their day. Students need to study a substantial amount each day in order to keep up in their classes, and with their work load. Therefore the more television one watches the less time one has to study which can cause a student to develop inefficient study habits to compensate for the decrease in their free time.

Another effect of watching television is television’s capacity as an outlet for procrastination. Endless hours can be spent in front of the television effortlessly. The tendency to do this can also increase when one is trying to avoid certain tasks, like studying. Also the amount of media a single television contains can keep a person engaged for prolonged periods of time. All one has to do it press a button and the channel will change providing more for one to watch. This means that the more channels a television has the greater the amount of time can be spent watching it. Procrastination can have a crippling effect on productivity, a television will only increase ones procrastination and cause students to develop poor study habits, such as cramming at the last minutes and rushing through assignments.

One of the greatest adversaries students face from increasing the amount of television they watch is that television is not intellectually stimulating. Despite its ability to provide information, watching a television requires minimal effort and cognition. Unlike reading and critical thinking, watching television can cause a person to become apathetic and even lazy. Student need to keep their minds active and prepped for learning; this is hindered by watching television because the state a televisions can leave one’s mind makes it especially hard to focus on studying and learning.

Student need to study. Televisions, despite the few redeeming qualities they posses, have a negative effect on studying and study habits. Increasing the amount of television one watches will directly affect ones study habits, grades, and overall well being. The more television watched means less productivity and learning. (M’S English Emporium of death)

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