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Environmental Analysis
SWOT analysis
Apple has created its image as a multinational corporation, which designs, manufactures and sells computers, consumers’ electronics and software. Along with these, Apple provides related services to its customers.
Area of concern | Types of concern |
| Favorable | Unfavorable |
Internal Environment | Strengths * Loyal Customers * Flame of Innovation * Diversification and differentiation of Products * Use of Mac OSX’s unique operating system * High Brand image in global market | Weaknesses * Lack of high quality control * Unaffordable Price * Lack of proper market consideration |
External Environment | Opportunities * Stake in Mobile Phone Industry * Reaching the emerging economy | Threats * High level of competition in Technology industry * Availability of Substitute products |

PEST Analysis
PEST analysis is helpful for understanding the Apple’s potential market and thus it will be helpful for predicting about Apple’s operations including opening a new Store outside London. PEST analysis is the combination of political, economic, Social and technological factors of environmental Analysis. [ (Jackman, 2006) ]
Political Factors
Apple is a multinational organization, where the core business area of Apple is the U.S. Nevertheless, According to the report of 2012, more than half sale of the products of Apple is coming from other countries rather than the U.S. This clearly indicates the Apple’s customer satisfaction with the higher level of services. To avoid the political turmoil, Apple has introduced its business through outsourcing in many countries. Apple always chose a place that is higly recognized in the country in order to open a new Store. The reason behind this can be the greater publicity and the expansion of affordable customers quickly. Thus the Political Factors should be…...