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“The Noisy Learner”

Studying online has its own advantages. Students can choose to study at their convenient time.Others, not very good at expressing themselves in crowded traditional classrooms, may find it easier to express their ideas online. To study online, being a “Noisy Learner” seems to be an option. Well ,let’s first find out why is it nescessary to be one.

Online classes very are different from traditional on campus ones.
In traditional classes, students can hear eachothers voice and see eachothers face expression.Online classes don’t have none of the above and here students mainly rely on discussion board posts, chat room dialogs and emails.Communication is the key here.Without active and creative communication,the chances of successfully finishing the course might be put at risk. Being a “Noisy Learner”would certainly help and I would take the following step to begin with:

First, I would follow the “netiquette” rules by respecting others views and presenting my views in a way that does not offend others. These are just the basics rules for online surfing.

Secondly, I would regularly check the discussion board posts, chat room dialogs and emails. This way, I would be up to date with everything going on in class. I would also take my time getting to know my classmates and lecturers. Knowing everyone's personality and cultural backgrounds would help a lot in general. I would also exchange ideas with my peers and never be shy asking questions.

Finally, being a Noisy learner would certainly be more productive than not being one. An online course would bear no results if affective communication were not taking place.

Moreover, why would one join a course they didn’t want to be part of…
To me it doesn’t make sense. We are all here to make good things happen, for us and our children.Together we can educate our children-the future leaders of the world.


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