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The price of carbon: Allowance price development in the EU ETS
Hintermann, Beat. University of Maryland, College Park, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2008. 3359279.
...have lead to the initial allowance price increase. I extend
...upwards, even if they are net allowance buyers. Market data indicates
...purchasing allowances on the market. Thus, the allowance payoff becomes that of

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Select result item2dissertations & theses
Variable feed allowance with constant protein input for channel catfish ponds
Cho, Sung Hwoan. Auburn University, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 1998. 9904738.
...fed at satiation rate. The daily allowance of all of the other feeds was based
...treatments received the same daily protein allowance. Therefore, the fish fed

Abstract/DetailsPreview - PDF (437 KB)‎Full text - PDF (2 MB)‎Order a copy
Select result item3dissertations & theses
Growth and reproductive consequences of feed allowance in broiler and female broiler breeder chickens
Yu, Marcus W. University of Alberta (Canada), ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 1992. NN73267.
... The influence of feed allowance on growth curves, body composition, and different frequencies (hourly, daily, skip-a-day) of feeding. Loss of body

Abstract/DetailsPreview - PDF (390 KB)‎Full text - PDF (6 MB)‎Order a copy
Select result item4dissertations & theses
The effects of daily versus weekly folic acid supplementation on biochemical and functional status of reproductive age women in rural Guatemala
Nguyen, Phuong Hong. Emory University, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2008. 3310279.
...of this regimen in comparison to daily supplementation. This randomized
...the efficacy of weekly versus daily FA plus other micronutrients supplementation
...received weekly (5000 or 2800μg) or daily (400 or 200μg) FA plus iron, zinc and

References (‎281)

Abstract/DetailsPreview - PDF (820 KB)‎Full text - PDF (13 MB)‎Order a copy
Select result item5dissertations & theses
Daily measures of spousal support in women with breast cancer
Pukay-Martin, Nicole D.. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2007. 1444063.
...cancer were investigated utilizing a daily diary methodology. Fifty-four women
...early-stage breast cancer completed daily diary measures of partner support
...of breast cancer, while a woman's daily fluctuations in support seem to be

Cited by (‎1)

Abstract/DetailsPreview - PDF (186 KB)‎Full text - PDF (730 KB)‎Order a copy
Select result item6dissertations & theses
Leadership, self-esteem, average daily attendance, school suspension: A comparative study of Army Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) sophomores and non-ROTC participating sophomores
Flowers, Chipman Loyd. Auburn University, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 1999. 9931090.
...behavior, self-esteem, average daily attendance and out-of-school suspension
...on the leadership and average daily attendance variables. Whereas, differences
...behavior, self-esteem, average daily attendance and school suspension was

Cited by (‎2)

Abstract/DetailsPreview - PDF (603 KB)‎Full text - PDF (6 MB)‎Order a copy
Select result item7dissertations & theses
Influence of sward height, daily timing of concentrate supplementation and grazing time management on pasture utilization of lactating beef cows
Gekara, Ondieki James. West Virginia University, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2003. 3322860.
Abstract/DetailsPreview - PDF (235 KB)‎Full text - PDF (1 MB)‎Order a copy
Select result item8dissertations & theses
Writing American subjects: Race, composition, and the daily themes assignment for English 12 at Harvard, 1886--1887
Zenger, Amy A. University of New Hampshire, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2004. 3144759. drawn from materials related to the daily theme assignment designed by 1886-87. Sources include the daily themes written by 22 of the 144 students

Abstract/DetailsPreview - PDF (2 MB)‎Full text - PDF (10 MB)‎Order a copy
Select result item9dissertations & theses
The "Daily Letter": Redefining, reconceptualizing and reconditioning genre in the elementary classroom
Buis, Kellie. Simon Fraser University (Canada), ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2002. MQ81739.
...and the design and practice of the Daily Letter ( DL ) to foster connections
...tool I created to engage a class in the daily systematic learning of genre,

Abstract/DetailsPreview - PDF (2 MB)‎Full text - PDF (21 MB)‎Order a copy
Select result item10dissertations & theses
Building castles in the sky: The domestication of daily life in urban Russia
Kaufman, Leslie Dayna. Columbia University, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2000. 9970216.
...its grip on the structural minutia of daily life, a legally-recognized market
...The study traces the politics of daily life, moving between the Soviet and
...the socialist system and citizens' daily lives, this dissertation asserts that

Abstract/DetailsPreview - PDF (700 KB)‎Full text - PDF (11 MB)‎Order a copy
Select result item11dissertations & theses
The impact of computer-tailored messages and goal setting on daily fruit and vegetable intake
Lutz, Susan Fehr. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 1996. 9708148.
...was assessed for increasing daily fruit and vegetable intake, variety of
...groups had significantly higher daily intakes and weekly variety scores at
...and vegetables eaten per week and daily fruit and vegetable eating behaviors (e

Cited by (‎1)

Abstract/DetailsPreview - PDF (686 KB)‎Full text - PDF (11 MB)‎Order a copy
Select result item12dissertations & theses
A Corpus-Linguistic Analysis of News Coverage in Kenya's Daily Nation and Great Britain's Times
Moon, Ruth. University of Washington, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2015. 1586380.
...Britain's Times and Kenya's Daily Nation as comparative case studies, this
...Where there are differences, the Daily Nation tends to rely more on language

References (‎88)

Abstract/DetailsPreview - PDF (153 KB)‎Full text - PDF (765 KB)‎Order a copy
Select result item13dissertations & theses
A qualitative study on the relationship of future orientation and daily occupations of adolescents in a psychiatric setting
Nelson, Laura Evon. University of Southern California, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 1995. 1376494. explore the future orientation and daily occupations of three adolescents
...evaluation? (2) What had been their daily occupations and how had those
...between future orientation and daily occupations for these hospitalized

Abstract/DetailsPreview - PDF (488 KB)‎Full text - PDF (4 MB)‎Order a copy
Select result item14dissertations & theses
Effects of ethnic identity and coping style on daily hassles and depression in Caucasian and Native-American adolescents
Morris, Jennifer Lynn. The University of Alabama, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2008. 3371450. examine the relationships between daily hassles, coping style, ethnic
...factor on the relationship between daily hassles and depression. Additional
...serves as a moderating factor between daily hassles and depression. Participants

References (‎45)

Abstract/DetailsPreview - PDF (727 KB)‎Full text - PDF (3 MB)‎Order a copy
Select result item15dissertations & theses
RAU, EUGENE, W.. Andrews University, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 1986. 8704327. the content and emphasis on daily functions, were studied and reported
...ideal expectancy. Time provisions for daily student activities exceeded the
...and to make prayer a part of their daily life; their desires may have conflicted

Abstract/DetailsPreview - PDF (392 KB)‎Full text - PDF (6 MB)‎Order a copy
Select result item16dissertations & theses
A lifestyle intervention promoting weight loss with moderate or standard protein and non-fat dairy intake and daily walking: Impact on body composition, metabolic parameters and bone health in premenopausal women with overweight and obesity
Shlisky, Julie D.. The Pennsylvania State University, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2012. 3674449.
...dairy combined with daily exercise may help to maintain BMD with significant

References (‎291)

Abstract/DetailsPreview - PDF (1 MB)‎Full text - PDF (4 MB)‎Order a copy
Select result item17dissertations & theses
The relationship between retirement expectations and attention to daily experiences
Johnson, Pauline. Fielding Graduate University, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2012. 3506177.
...relationship between attention to daily experiences and expectations about an

References (‎77)

Abstract/DetailsPreview - PDF (559 KB)‎Full text - PDF (1 MB)‎Order a copy
Select result item18dissertations & theses
A framework for analyzing the daily federal funds market
Fullwiler, Scott Timothy. The University of Nebraska - Lincoln, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2001. 3022628.
...relating to the Federal Reserve's daily implementation of monetary policy in the
...suggest reconsideration of the daily federal funds market in monetary policy
...provide a framework for analyzing the daily federal funds market in light of the

Cited by (‎1)

Abstract/DetailsPreview - PDF (1 MB)‎Full text - PDF (14 MB)‎Order a copy
Select result item19dissertations & theses
The examination of spiritually based approaches in the daily family lives of selected African-Americans
Gaston, Adella Denise. University of San Francisco, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 1999. 9933294.
...examined spiritually based approaches in the daily family lives of selected
...Unity and Service in God; and Daily Spiritual Approaches, Lifestyles.

Abstract/DetailsPreview - PDF (562 KB)‎Full text - PDF (33 MB)‎Order a copy
Select result item20dissertations & theses
Morales Arandes, Edgardo E. Boston University, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 1986. 8624059.
...meditation integrate that practice into their daily lives. After an initial
...structure of the experience of meditation in daily life. Research findings
...mindfulness meditation into their daily lives. Finally, suggestions

Abstract/DetailsPreview - PDF (479 KB)‎Full text - PDF (7 MB)‎Order a copy
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