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If you ask me “what is the best thing and worst thing happen in my entire 2014?”
Hmmmmm…A lot of experienced entering in my mind right now but let us consider the word itself “best” and “worst”.

The best thing happen in my 2014 is that I started to know this person, I still remember that day March 12, woah can’t imagined I can recall the date itself, it’s too sentimental for me well when my classmates making fun of us, they teased why we can’t try to have some kind of sparks lol. I started to feel a little bit weird but there’s a tiny echo that says yeah why can I at least bite that thing. As day passed by I started to feel different, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but it’s the same feeling when I met that girl that was started to see myself in different way and change me, when I fell in the venom of this girl name Ann. I know I can’t be fall for the same mistake again. March 28, the final day of second semester of my 1st year life in college, all the fears, the awkwardness, and the kind of stupidity was released for the second time around I confessed to a girl, I thought it was the same with the first one but it was not, woah one of my memorable day, that conversation. To cut this long cliché story, when I knew Aubrey, I started to feel complete and happy again.

If there is a best probably there is a worst thing. Loving this girl knowing that she can’t love you back because she has a boyfriend. Whenever this girl tell me her story, I mean their story, the way they plan their future, the way he courted her, the way she really love this boy. Worst, because I am being dumb for a second time falling for the same mistake and make it to the point that I chose her instead of my boyfriend who can love me as the way I am, who can accept even in my worst but seriously I don’t regret to chose her never as in never. Hell yeah that’s life, I bet this New Year 2015, I will fall for myself first and I will fall for the person that I deserve.

Now, can you tell me “what is the best thing and worst thing happen in your entire 2014?”

PS, I don’t know what came to my mind to write this stupid thing.

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