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The Style Guide is a handy reference tool for professionals who want a quick answer to everyday questions on a grammar and style.


Do not use full stops in abbreviations and acronyms.

Right: Mr Mrs Ms Dr
Wrong: Mr. Mrs. Ms. Dr.

Right: ie eg 11 am
Wrong: i.e. e.g. 11 a.m

Right: USA IRAS US dollar
Wrong: U.S.A I.R.A.S. U.S dollar

Wrong: F.I.F.O . A.G.M. N.E.V.

Do not use abbreviation in formal documents.

Right: Singapore February page
Wrong: S’pore Feb pg

Do not abbreviate dates in formal documents.

Right: 31 December 2012
Wrong: 31 Dec 12, 31st December 2012, 31/12/12, 31-10-12

Do not use commas in dates

Right: 31 December 2012
Wrong: 31 December, 2012, December 31, 2012


Spell a number which start a sentence

Right: Fifteen branches have missing records.
Wrong: 15 branches have missing records.

Right: Ninety-five branches have missing records.
Wrong: 95 branches have missing records.

Spell numbers zero to ten in full, 11 upwards as numerals.

Right: Records for ten branches are missing.
Wrong: Records for 10 branches are missing.

Right: Records for 11 branches are missing.
Wrong: Records for eleven branches are missing.

Be consistent in a sentence.

Right: “…..the number of supporters fell from forty-two to nine.”
Wrong: “…..the number of supporters fell from 42 to nine.”

Right: “…..the number of supporters fell from 21 to 9.”
Wrong: “…..the number of supporters fell from 21 to nine.”

Do not mix fraction and percentage

Right: It was reported that 25% of the students preferred to wear sports shoes, 50% preferred canvas shoes. And 25% preferred court shoes.
Wrong: It was reported that a quarter of the students preferred to wear sports shoes, 50% preferred to canvas shoes, and ¼ preferred court shoes.


When expressed as a singular body, collective terms such as school and staff warrant a singular form.

Right: The company has signed the agreement.
Wrong: The company have signed the agreement.

Right: Management has decided to adopt the new wage guidelines.
Wrong: Management have decided to adopt the new wage guidelines.

Right: ITEC has indicated its willingness to accept re-appointment.
Wrong: ITEC have indicated its willingness to accept re-appointment.

Right: Tan, Lim & Teo is a legal firm.
Wrong: Tan, Lim & Teo are a legal firm.

Right: Furniture is stated at the depreciated historical cost.
Wrong: Furniture are stated at the depreciated historical cost.

Right: The staff attend a function to welcome the foreign guest.
Wrong: The staff attends a function to welcome the foreign guest.


When using the line to underscore the words, do not underscore punctuation marks.

Right: The results of the Swimming Meets:
Wrong: The results of the Swimming Meets:…...

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