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Stz1 Task 4

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SZT1 – Task 4

Preparedness is vital in managing any disaster situation. During the simulation, Disaster in Franklin County, the role of the public health personnel was fundamental for its success, particularly the public health nurse, since the nurse often times is a first responder in disasters like this. It’s especially helpful to observe the actions and techniques that were used by a nurse during this disaster simulator.

Role of Public Health Personnel

Maintaining emotional and physical safety of the community is part of the role of the public health personnel during a disaster situation. During the Franklin County disaster, the Public Health Department personnel ensured safety and basic needs for survival for its community. Basic, and yet essential, necessities such as shelter, clean water and food as well as medications were provided. The Public Health Department has the responsibility to maintain and distribute the most current information on how the community can get help, how to obtain basic supplies, and if there are any health threats and concerns. The public health nurse uses skills of assessing and prioritizing, assuring that all needs and concerns within her scope of practice are met. Other members of the Public Health Department team operate and maintain all the other jobs that aren’t in the scope of practice of the nurse. The health educator helped direct those evacuated to the closest shelter; the bookkeeper is responsible for maintaining monetary records of operations throughout the disaster; the receptionist uses her people skills and good rapport with vendors to get what is needed for the department to be able to run operations; the organized and analytical skills of the epidemiologist is fundamental in charting the emergency department operations; having the most supervisory experience, the environmental health…...

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