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Guillermo Tejeda
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16 April 2013
Cap Ou Pas Cap?
Imagine if you could delete specific memories from your brain by only taking a little pill? The memories of happiness, fear, anger, depression, and love you once had before are completely gone. Would you dare to delete them all? How about only painful memories? Our memories are incredibly indispensable in our daily basis because these memories make us remember little things that are vital for us. In the article Memory Inc., it says that these pulls can help you remember little things such as remembering where you left your keys. Throughout our lives, we catch, copy and store short fragments of memories in our brains little by little that in the future shape us to be who we are and by deleting our memories, we lose the true meaning of who we are deep inside ourselves. In the article “Memory Inc., “the little red pill” (215), or as I like to call it “drug”, was created by Memory Pharmaceutical based off of Eric Kandel’s experiments and discoveries that he made. Memory Pharmaceutical makes a new class of drugs that help people forget memories and help us remember little things that we might have thought were long gone. Even though people have gone through some tough and horrific memories, memory-altering drugs can ultimately cause further damage because not only we will lose our memories and forget, but also we will never learn from our mistakes and repeat them over again which can consequently make us unhappy.
Deleting memories can severely alter our brains and cause future problems that we may consequently regret. In the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Joel and Clementine meet at a train, but what they do not know is that in the past they were in a relationship and ended up quite badly to the point that they had each other’s memories erased. Clementine is the first that decides to...

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