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Academic assistance is the defined as an activity for teaching available for students in all subjects including science, mathematics, management, business studies, business and law and information technology. In the academic assistance, all subject related helps is being provided to the students to meet specific subject related queries. It is defined as a tutoring practice, which provides support to the students in solving particular subject related queries. Apart from this, this makes the learning process easy for the students through providing ready to learn or tailor made notes and helps in solving specific subject problems. Basically, academic assistance is the new method of tutoring by a large number of institutions to facilitate the students in their studies.
Academic assistance encompasses all types of subjects from English to Management. In the academic content development, a number of subjects such as business studies, marketing, accounting and financial management, operations management, qualitative techniques, history, science, statistics, dissertation and its proposal development, human resources and organizational behaviour are covered. In pertinent to the given subjects, academic assistance is a kind of help provided to the students in developing particular topic related subjects content. Academic assistance is not only limited to provide a notes specific to subjects, but also it covers a full helps in completing the project steps such as authentic data collection and then presentation.
As a service provider, we are providing academic assistance to all grades of students including school, college and Phd students. Our professional subject writers provide you a tailor made content and helps pertinent to the subject query.
Accounting can be explained as the recording, reporting and analysis of different financial transactions as per the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or Internationally Accepted Principles in the systematic manner. The subject of accounting is defined as a discipline that provides knowledge about the way to organize and record financial record or preparing financial statements, so that the business performance can be evaluated in terms of profitability, liquidity, solvency, and efficiency. In other words, accounting is accountable for organizing, analyzing and understanding financial statements. In the accounting subject, the financial and other information can be obtained to conduct the financial performance evaluation of an organization.
Accounting covers the complete process of preparing final financial statements such as from journalizing the business transactions to closing the accounts. The study of accounting subject provides depth knowledge about the preparation of the financial statements. The detailed introduction to accounting and business along with transaction analysis are studied under the accounting subject. This also covers the adjusting process and entries, accounting cycle, internal control and cash, receivables, current liabilities and payroll, investments and fair value accounting, accounting for partnership and limited liability, statement of cash flow and fund flow, financial statement analysis, process cost systems, job order costing, cost volume profit analysis, budgeting, capital investment analysis and more topic.
As a service provider, we are providing assistance in doing practical assignments. Besides that, knowledge about the way to record and analysis of specific assets, liability and shareholder’s equity, and expenditure & revenues in the proper statements is also provided as per student’s degree. Furthermore, the professional and skilled experts provide tailor made notes to impart theoretical knowledge pertinent to the accounting topics.
Business is the defined as a state of being busy. Basically, it refers to the financial or non-financial dealings/activities which are concerned with the sale or exchange of goods and services with the purpose of satisfying the customers demand and earn maximum profits. Business includes various activities such as production, purchase of raw or finished goods for sale and sells of goods and supply services on a regular basis to meet the ongoing market demand. The study of business reflects the human activity which is mainly directed towards producing or earning high profits by the means of purchasing and trading goods and services. Business refers as human economic activity, source of profit earning, sale & exchange of goods & services, elements of risks, customer satisfaction and creation of utility.
Business studies mainly include two sections. First section covers about foundations of business, while another section covers corporate organization, finance and trade. Business studies covers in detail about the foundation of business including nature and purpose of business, forms of business, private, public and global enterprises and business services in various sectors like banks, insurance, transportation, communication and warehousing; modes of business and social responsibility of business and business ethics. The business subject also enhances your knowledge about sources of business finance, formation of company, small business and internal trade.
With respect to the business studies, we are offering content development services to assist students in completing the business project. Tailor made notes are also offered by professional and trained content developer pertinent to the topic. Apart from this, we are assisting the students in completing the business related dissertation and proposal.
Chemistry is branch of science under which different types of matters and substances and the changes occurred in their states are described in the detail manner. Chemistry subject is defined as a systematic study of the matters and their properties. Basically, it is referred as science of matter that covers composition, reactions, behavior, interactions, and structure of compounds. Inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry are the two main subject areas of chemistry. Organic chemistry deals specifically with the carbon compounds and their composition, structure, chemical reactions and properties. Inorganic chemistry is the branch of chemistry, which are concerned with the inorganic compounds properties and behavior. The subject of chemistry is classified under various categories as per difference in the compositions. Chemistry covers the detail study of various basic concepts including nature and properties of matter, ions and salts, compound, element, atom, acidity and basicity, reaction, phase, bonding, redox, energy, and chemical laws. Additionally, atomic and molecular structure of matter covers under the chemistry in which hypothesis, theories and laws, modern methods of studying atoms and molecules, crystal structure and molecular structure are studied. This also covers atomic structure and the periodic table of the elements, chemical bonding, non-metallic elements, oxygen compounds of nonmetallic elements, chemical thermodynamics, water and its composition, properties of solutions, and chemical equilibrium.
With the consideration problems in the study of chemistry, we as the providers of the educational outsourcing services are providing help in completing chemistry projects. We have employed subject matter experts which have perfect knowledge of chemistry. We are also providing ready to learn notes pertinent with various topic of chemistry along with effective solutions of the problems.
Coursework assistance is defined as a kind of help, which is provided to the students in carrying out work at university and school level. Under this assistance, all type of experimental work pertinent to any subject management, science, statistics, financial analysis, dissertation, essays and report formation are covered to provide help in completing project work. Coursework assistance covers different modes of assessment, which is helpful for students to improve research skills and knowledge. Coursework assistance provides a base to the students to improve discussion power along with know about reason and get practical knowledge from the theoretical concepts and knowledge during course session.
Coursework assistance is of different types, which covers both theoretical/conceptual and practical work. This provides a deep knowledge of theories and also assists in conducting practical research work. It covers all type of academic or curricular work that is required by students in their course duration. As such, coursework assistance covers book reports, dissertations, company and country specific report with a research in each and every context, essay writing, critical discussion report, and scholarly journals. In addition to this, coursework assistance also permitted students to use academic books, ready to learn notes (with highly authentic and relevant course books), and internet for entire research and practical work.
As a service provider, here we are providing assistance to complete coursework related to all management subjects, research work, science, and statistics. Besides that, our professional experts are also providing help in making improvement in coursework through check out the entire course work with respect of referencing, structure, answers of the given questions, readability, and grammatically check. We are also providing you assistance in accumulating deep information about topic by providing notes and other study material.
Dissertation is referred as a document that is presented to support candidature for a professional degree. This document covers research and fining of the authors pertain the specific area of study such as finance, business management, science, marketing, economics, history and politics. Basically, dissertation is presented in the form of report related to a research project or thorough analysis throughout the session. It is a research work presented in the form of long essay and report on a particular subject to meet requirement for Phd degree (Doctor of Philosophy degree). A thorough review of dissertation or thesis provides knowledge about the project purpose, research methods used for authentic data collection and lastly project findings.
Dissertation is a complete report on a particular subject based on thorough study throughout academic session. The complete dissertation includes title page, abstract, preface and acknowledgement, table of content, a body covering different chapter namely introduction, literature review, methodology, finding & analysis, discussion and conclusion & recommendation, and references as well as appendices. The ultimate aim behind the formulation of dissertation is to present overall learning, thoughts and knowledge what he/she learned.
We are providing a complete guidance and guidelines to complete dissertation effectively and completely. In addition to this, our professional and qualified experts provide a complete written academic paper as per specific requirements and academic standards. As a service provider, we serve a complete process of writing and dissertation with encompassing each and every thing from title page to bibliography along with project outline. Dissertation proposal development is the first step prior starting the academic study and research project. Dissertation proposal is defined as a formal paper which covers each and every aspects related to the research work, which will propose to be used for the completion of the dissertation work. This provides basic or rough ideas to the researcher and supervisor with respect to what will be practiced in the research. Dissertation proposal is the brief paper covering various sections such as introduction, literature review, research methodology and conclusion. This mainly provides the general summary of the research question and sub-questions, aims and objectives, literature review, and methodology, which will be proposed in context to the particular area of research.
Dissertation proposal development would cover various sections such as outlines of the research hypothesis, literature review, research methodology and outlines of findings and analyzing data. Out of various sections, literature review and methodology are the most important sections. The section of literature review provides a brief information about the topic in pertinent to the research problem. Research methodology section reflects about the research approach, design and method that will be proposed to use for data collection purpose. Moreover, the dissertation proposal also presents the main research question and related aims and objectives.
As a service provider, we are providing a great assistance in developing dissertation proposal encompassing each and every section to provide a basic idea. In the dissertation proposal development, we will provide detailed review of the literary sources along with source materials. Our highly qualified and professional consultants provide help in addressing all your dissertation requirements and also propose steps for an effective dissertational proposal development.
Essay is the long piece of writing on a particular subject. This is usually written out from the point of view of authors. Basically, essay covers the entire knowledge pertinent to the topic with respect to both sides, positive and negative. The good essay is a collection of the entire elements which have been combined to present written material. The good essay consist various elements such as author’s personal reflection and observation, literary criticisms, political manifestos and learned arguments in favour or against the topic. Essay is a literary device of presenting a piece of work, which covers each and every aspect about the specific topic or subject area.
The formation and quality of the essay is based on the specific requirements and personal knowledge of author. There are different types of essays namely argumentative essay, descriptive essay, comparison essay, narrative essay and evaluation essay. Each essay presents the piece of writing in the different way as per the instructor’s requirement. This is not just presentation of all learned arguments from personal view point, but there needs to be follow certain guidelines to meet specific type of essay requirements likewise; descriptive essay encompasses covers each and every area of subject in terms of what, why, where, and how, whereas; evaluation essay demonstrates the particular event in detailed along with its value, relevance and importance.
As such, the composition of the essay is not easy without proper guidelines. In concern to this, we are assisting in the essay development through providing you a proper essay planning and writing guidelines. Additionally, we are also providing guidelines for outlining, paragraph writing and the way of organizing paragraphs. Our professional writers also provide you a complete and good quality essay as per your requirements on the given subject.
Finance is defined as lifeblood of business organization, which is needed for establishment, development and operations of business activities. The business growth and survival both are mainly depending on the utilization of financial sources. Finance is referred as a based for prosperity and growth and thus, there needs to have adequate finance or efficient financial management. Finance refers as the procuring of money supply sources and its allocation on the basis of monetary requirements and forecasting. The study of finance provides the knowledge about the way to raise, allocate and use monetary sources to individuals, and business organizations. The term finance is the broad term as compare to accounting that consists particularly three areas namely financial management, investments, and capital markets.
Finance content covers various topics and areas such as introduction of financial management: Nature and Scope, portfolio management, lease financing, hire purchase system, merger and acquisition, amalgamation and valuation of bonds, cost accounting and preparation of financial statements. Finance subject is mainly studied under various heads include nature of financial management, concepts of value and return, risk and return, valuation of bonds and shares, portfolio theory and assets pricing models, options and their valuations, investment decisions, financial and profit analysis, working capital management, and managing value and risk.
As a global educational services provider, our professional and skilled trainers are basically intended towards the helping to the students in completing finance projects, daily assignments and dissertations. We are furnishing practical solutions of the specified financial question related to investment decisions, working capital management, value and return, beta estimation, options valuation, etc. to the students as per their requirements.
The systematic record of the actual events is defined as history, which happened in the past in between nations and community. History covers cultural, economic life, socio-cultural and other aspects of that nation and community throughout different phases/duration of historical times. It also includes depressions and developments in the economy through each phase of historical period. Basically, the study of history subject reflects past status of historical events (achievements, wars and social activities) and also about rulers during each stage of historical times. Overall, history is a record of significant events chronologically along with detailed discussion of their basic history in terms causes and duration.
The subject of history is very descriptive in nature as this provides detailed history of the past events during phases of the historic period. History covers the past status of nations or community across the globe. With respect to the nation or community, history subject addresses decline and fall of empire, about rulers their experiences, success and failures from past social activities and wars. Moreover, history subject provides detail study about the literary rate, religious, advancements, stone inscriptions, copper plate grants, local and foreign historians period and mining or excavations findings. Overall, history is the aggregate of historic period events.
The history subject is descriptive and thus, students need to study each and every past chronological past event in the more detailed way. In respect to the history assignments and projects, we are furnishing knowledge about simple learning notes and content to make the topic of history easy to understand. Besides that, our professional content writer team assists in completing history project with more authentic and relevant information pertinent to the topic.
Marketing is a process by which one identifies the needs and wants of the people. It is art of selling and making promotion o the product. It is basically generating of thoughts in mind of customers about a manufactured goods or a service. It is a social process which satisfies consumer wants, need and desire. Though marketing is concerned with customers and prevailing market, marketing is seen as the task of creating, promoting goods and services to consumers and businesses. It is a process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating, offering of value with others.
As a subject, marketing covers different sections including introduction of marketing management, analysis of marketing opportunities, marketing decisions and strategies, and marketing programs. Introductory section of marketing covers development of marketing concept and its definition, importance of delivering customer values and satisfaction, and marketing environment. Marketing subject also imparts the knowledge about the marketing tools of sales promotion such as advertising (through media), publicity, and discount offers and so on. It also covers detail description of the 7ps marketing mix such as product, price, place, promotion, packaging, positioning and people. This subject also covers understanding customer behaviour and buying process, channels of marketing, logistics, wholesaling and retailing and concept of competitive advantage and competitive strategies.
As a service provider, we serve the needs of the students related to marketing subjects through assisting in completing marketing assignment, projects and dissertation. The ready to learn notes as per specifications are provided with support of the well-versed content writer. We also are helping you in better understanding about marketing topic and sub- topics as per Mathematics is the branch of knowledge which is focused on qualitative aspects, structure and change. In simple terms, the mathematics is defined as the analysis and examination of properties, measurement and relationship about the sets using numbers and related formulas. This subject is highly practical in nature and thus, the study of mathematics is not easy for all students. The subject of maths is mainly came out or differentiated from measurement, calculation and counting. It is also evolved from the study of physical objects shapes and motions in the systematic manner. All across the globe, it is used as a substantive tool in various areas such as social sciences, engineering, management and medicine.
Maths is divided into two fields’ namely pure mathematics and applied mathematics. Pure mathematics covers the study or knowledge about quantity, space, change and structure, whereas; applied mathematics is concerned with computational mathematics and statistics and other decision sciences. Mathematics covers conceptual and practical knowledge. The topics mainly covers in the subject of mathematics include sets, algebra, linear programming, probability theory, geometry, trigonometry, complex numbers, theory of quadratic equation, sequences and progressions, binomial theorem, statistics, exponential and logarithmic series, mathematical induction, vectors, relations and functions and so on.
As a service provider, we are also helping in the numerical assignments through giving solution with detail analysis as per requirements. Apart from this, we also render a great assistance in finding and analysis of mathematical queries in a graphical form, which directly contributes in adding fullness knowledge related to this subject.
Research paper is referred as a paper presenting own thoughts based on scientific and systematic search for pertinent information on a specific topic. Apart from this, the paper also presents thoughts based on thorough analysis of what we are previously learned about topic. There are different types of research papers such as Analytical papers, Argumentative papers, Definition Papers, Compare and Contrast papers, Interpretative papers, Cause and effect papers and Reports. Basically, this is a paper written and presented to indicate a search related to topic, which will further demonstrate information to support viewpoints and generalized thoughts on a given specific topic.
This paper comprises different section including defining and redefining problems, hypothesis formulation, research background covering aims and objectives, literature review, methodology, analysis and finding, discussion and lastly conclusion & recommendation. All the sections are mainly based on the research background and aims & objectives and thus, a thorough review of each section provides in-depth knowledge and information. A good research paper always includes and takes care of certain things such as research topic, research strategy, thesis, evaluation of sources, point of view, documentation, writing skills and sources of authentic information.
As a service provider, we are providing a great assistance in completing research paper covering each and every area of concern. In context to your research paper, we are providing help concerning generalization and finding solution to a problem in a research. Apart from this, theoretical and conceptual information about topic is also being provided to the point of research area with a deep search of information through applying an appropriate data collection method.
Science is defined as a subject based on the scientific theories. This subject provides detail knowledge about the intellectual and practical activity, which covers the study of the structure and behaviour of the physical world through observation and experiment in the systematic way. Moreover, science is also encompassing a study about natural world. Commonly, science subject is knowledge achieved through theoretical study along with practical work. The study of the science subject provides knowledge encompassing general truths of the general laws operation which is tested and derived out by scientific method pertinent with the physical world.
The subject of the science classifies under two areas namely natural science and social sciences. Natural science covers study of natural world, while; social sciences covers study of human behaviour and society in the systematically manner. Science is classified under the different fields such as chemistry, biology, physics and earth science. Chemistry deals in the science of matter at the atomic scale that covers atom structure, molecules, crystals, chemical reaction, etc. Biology deals with the study of the human life to depict behaviours of organisms, species existence, cell biology, genetics, biophysics, bioinformatics, structural biology, and so on. Physics deals with the natural world’s study which covers detailed study from subatomic parties to natural world.
As a service provider, we are providing assistance in completing science project pertinent with different fields such as biology, chemistry and physics. Additionally, we are providing a good content and ready to learn notes for students and also provide practical solutions of the problems in the easy way.
Statistics is the branch of mathematics. This subject renders the knowledge about the collection, presentation and analysis and interpretation of numerical data. The deep knowledge and understanding about this subject aids in solving numerical problems along with its interpretation. Statistics is referred as the study of statistics from the standpoint of mathematics. This subject is concerned with the collection of numerical data or facts along with presentation, organizing, analyzing and interpretation of data to exhibit logical relationship. Mainly, statistics is divided into two areas namely descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. Descriptive statistics covers all the methods which are used for preparing and summarizing numerical information from data, whereas; inferential statistics covers methods of using numerical information from sample size to generalize facts and conclusions.
The number of topics is studied under the subject of statistics. These topics includes statistics and its importance, empirical and quantitative analysis, census & sampling, organization of data, graphic presentation, multivariate analysis, statistical inference, and probability, measures of central tendency, measures of variability, measures of collection, time, series, index number. Apart from this, statistics subject also covers mean, mode, median, simulation, correlation, regression, linear equation and programming techniques (LLP), assignment problems, chi-square test, factor analysis and time series analysis.
In context to Statistic subject, we are providing knowledge about the mathematical basis of statistics that provides you a great assistance in solving numerical problems in the proper and easy way. The numerical solutions with detail analysis are also provided here as per requirement of the questions.
Algebra is defined as a branch of mathematics, which provides knowledge of detailed analysis and study of the operations rules and relations. Basically, algebra subject reflects the relationship not only between numbers, but also in between variables and dimensions. Algebra is a form of pure mathematics of quantitative information and data. This subject gives knowledge about constructions and concepts viewing terms, algebraic structures, polynomials, and liner programming and quadric equations. This subject is main branch of pure mathematics, which is classified into different forms namely elementary algebra, Intermediate algebra and advanced algebra.
In this subject, we have study about the varying topics like; Rational expressions, Factorization using remainder theorem and Ratio & Proportion, Linear equations, Quadratic equations and GCD &LCM of Polynomials. This subject is very tough to understand because it covers numerical problems along with detailed knowledge about concepts like variables, expressions, equations, simplifying equations, solution of an equation, simplifying with addition and subtraction, simplifying by multiplication, simplifying by division, word problems as equations and sequences in the calculations. In addition to this, the study of algebra also covers ratio and proportion, polynomials, graphing absolute value, simple factorization, radicals, absolute value and literal & linear equations solutions.
As a knowledge and academic service provider, we are providing a great assistance in the solving complicated mathematical problems. As well as, we are also offering the students of all grate help in completing math work with a clear explanation and solution. As regard to this subject, our professional and trained subject matter experts provides a tailor made notes to provide better understanding about elementary algebra topics and other advanced topics.
Charity and Donation is the gift in the monetary or non-monetary terms by a person, organization to the non-profit firms and social serving foundations. Commonly, an individuals give charity and donation in the form of cash (monetary terms) and other forms of charity include motor vehicles, clothing, real estate and so on. Charity and Donation is referred as a provision of help to the large number of poor and needy peoples in the slum areas. Charity and Donation is the kindness towards humanity in order to help the needy through providing cash and other assets to meet its basic needs include food, shelter and cloth.
Charity is now become an important part of each and every social community. This is because it adds to lessen the gap amount the rich and poor and directly brings on harmony. Today a large number of social communities or NGO provides a great support to the needy or less fortunate people in the form of educational help, medical care, shelter, cloth and proper food facility. The main motive behind providing charity and donation is to help out the disadvantaged or economically challenged people all across the world. The main purpose o the people or organizations which are donating a charity is to improve living environment of slum areas.
Computer science is defined as a discipline or subject related to theoretical foundations of computation and information. The study of computer science provides knowledge of practical techniques used for computer science in terms of implementation and application. The term commonly which is commonly used to name science is reflected as computer science. It is defined as the science of representation, transmission of information, storage and algorithmic processing. In the subject of computer science, both information and algorithm are considered as the main objects. The detailed information and aspects of natural science, mathematics and engineering are covered in computer science and thus, it is stated that this subject is not uniquely belongs to any particular scientific discipline.
There are various sub-fields of computer science such as computer graphics, computational complexity theory, computer graphics, programming languages, computer programming, and human computer interaction. The area of computer science is basically of two type’s namely theoretical and practical computer science. Theoretical computer science covers depth knowledge about various topics including theory of computation; programming language theory; concurrent, parallel and distributed systems, formal methods and information & coding theory. Applied computer science covers computer graphics and visualization, artificial intelligence, computational science, computer security and cryptography and software engineering.
We offer the computer science content development service with respect of theoretical/conceptual knowledge and practical training. In addition to this, we also serve students in completing graduate and PhD level computer science project with an authentic knowledge and tailor made presentation. Our professional subject matter expert provides solutions of problems with assured content quality and fast services.
Data library is defined as an online database or library contains all subject information and data files to serve the information need of the individual and organization as a whole. Data library contains the content along with services to meet the users demand for numeric, textual, geospatial data sets to have secondary data. It is also referred as part of the larger institution, which covers each and every discipline including corporate, scientific, academic, financial, marketing, medical science and economics.
Data library contains scholarly books, articles and journals related to each and every subject area such as human resource management, organizational behaviour, statistics, history, marketing management, financial management, economics, law, science, social sciences and history in the full text and limited preview. Data library provides access to the students to retrieve required information all across 24 hours to carry on carry research and other assignments. Data library is the collection of the academic books (different subjects) and articles through which students of college and PHD level can search topic specific information quickly and easily from the relevant textbook, page, sentence, articles and so on.
As a service provider, we offer various services through data library at the institutional level to serve the students/other users particular subject related information demand such as user instruction, reference assistance, collection development and management and technical assistance. We serve the topic specific data with powerful search for all grades of students to make them enable to access the complete text and citation to write a good paper. We are also providing a structured wordbook and dictionary to make easy for students to make use of collection of data files and background information.
Economics is defined as the study of the choice making behavior of the individual. It is referred with the application of economics concepts and theories to the problems of framing rational decision making. In other words, the study of economics tools, theories and logic for business decision making are referred as economics. Economics is also referred as social science that intends to study the way individuals and firms maximize gains from available factors of production and resources such as land, labor, capital, investment and machinery. The study of economics states how firms takes decision related to product, location, market segment, price, commodity to produce, production technology, advertisement and competitive strategy.
Microeconomics and Macroeconomics are the two major branches of the economics. The depth knowledge and study of both branches are directly or directly helped in business analysis and decision making. The topic studies under the microeconomics include introduction to microeconomics, consumer behavior, perfect and imperfect competition, analysis of cost, and theory of demand and supply. Macroeconomics covers national income, monetary policy, inflation, fiscal policy, banking and money supply, international trade, balance of payments, business cycles, consumption and investment functions. In addition to this, the economics also furnishes knowledge about the techniques of estimating function, analysis of demand and demand forecasting, production and cost analysis, market structure and pricing theory.
We offer practical and theoretical assistance in developing particular economics content development. As a service provider, our trained experts provides ready to learn notes from a number of literary sources. We are providing help in the completion of economics dissertation, and theoretical and practical assignments with graphical presentation.

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...Grammar notes: relative clauses Definition A relative clause is a part of a sentence beginning with a relative pronoun (although this pronoun can be omitted in certain cases). For example: The company where I worked is called International Enterprises Plc. The man who went into the baker's bought a loaf of bread. My sister, who lives near London, is coming to visit me soon. Basic relative pronouns The relative pronoun you use depends on the thing you're talking about. Generally speaking, the most basic ones are these: for people for things for places for reasons for times who/that which/that where why when Who, which and that cannot be used indiscriminately. That can only be used in defining relative clauses. Trickier relative pronouns Four relative pronouns often seem to confuse people, but they're easy to use too. WHICH This can be used to refer to the whole part of the sentence that went before. Usually a pronoun refers to a noun, but this refers to more. For example: I've broken my leg, which means I can't walk. I've still got some money left, which is surprising. WHOM This is hardly ever used in spoken English, and not often in written English. It sounds very formal to most people. If you're going to use it at all, then only use it after prepositions. Even so, there's usually another less formal way to say the same thing. For example: The woman to whom he was talking is his sister. The woman that he was talking to is his sister. WHOSE This is used to show...

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Cialdini Principles Of Persuasion Essay

...Persuasion is a definite aspect of education, both in a professor’s teaching methods and the students’ assignments for the teacher. Professors use various techniques of persuasion to influence and impart knowledge to their students on the subjects in which they are an authority to change their beliefs or attitudes towards those topics. The social psychologist Robert Cialdini (2003) discusses six principles of persuasion which are often used by people in everyday life whether unconsciously or consciously. It seems that the current theoretical and empirical studies on these principles of persuasion and various other “processes makes available to instructors a technology for systematically altering the nature of people’s beliefs and actions” (Friedrich...

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...been by one of my favorite activities during my studies. This is because they tend to reflect that the student understands the subject that the tutor had handled. Personally, I have always concentrated on two principles which include: ensuring that I meet deadlines and that I respond correctly to the requirements in the statement. However, my inability to hand in the assignment was not deliberate but as a result of coordinated coincidences. I was unable to hand in my assignment because of various events that I have explained in the following account of events. I accept that I received the assignment and the duly attached requirements for the said exercise. I attended the lecture on the exact day that the assignment was given. You had indicated that the assignment should be delivered through your respective email address that you gave to the class. I understood all the instructions that the assignment required. Your research indicated that we should research extensively using secondary resources in regard to the subject. I visited several libraries and online sites. I visited our library for three consecutive days and this can be confirmed with my entry records with the senior librarian. I found several journals and books on the subject and I felt that I had gathered a lot of information regarding the topic that addressed to the assignment. This information was meant to ensure that I deliver an assignment that responds to the requirements to the assignment. My inability to......

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I Like Stuff

...and 2,500 words (excluding notes and bibliography) and represent original and independent work. There may be a case for writing a slightly shorter essay if one of your universities requires a shorter sample essay. Supplying an accurate word count is in any case crucial. Your essay should aim to be quite a focused piece and be a work of analysis and interpretation rather than just description. You may need to seek advice on the planning, structuring and the title of your essay. Some modifications may be necessary for scientific submissions. Where will inspiration for my essay come from? Your essay may, or may not be, a further development of normal subject work (e.g. Physics Research and Analysis, English Phillimore, History Gibbon Prize etc); it may be on subjects which have no existing prizes; it may be on a subject which is not on the curriculum (e.g. Anthropology) or which is cross-curricular (e.g. English and History of Art); or it may have emerged from Cultural perspectives lessons, the Cultural Perspectives timed essay which you take at the end of this term, be inspired by Critical Thinking work or be a ‘further developed’ praebendum essay. You should state in a covering note how and why the essay came about. Of course, it may represent a completely new and independent study of a personal academic interest of your own. When is the deadline? The deadline is the first day of Play Term after...

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Part of Speech

...Nouns Nouns - are simply the names we give to everything around us, whether it be a person, an event, a place or an object, etc. Every particular name used to define something is a noun. Examples are account, babies, cabbage, dad, ear, car, parents, cat, John and house. 1. The babies are so cute. 2. My ears are too small. Collective Noun - The names given to a group of noun to identify them as a whole. Examples are class of students, army of soldiers, choir of singers, crew of sailors, band of musicians, group of civilians, horde of zombies, flock of birds, group of mountains and group of mountain ranges. 1. A band of musicians have so many members. 2. The army of soldiers is very brave. Possessive Nouns - Nouns or pronouns can also modify themselves to show possession of another noun, usually by attaching’s’ to the end of the noun. Examples are John's school, John's car, Julian’s house, Sophia’s pencil, Faye’s book, Cat’s tuna, Elijah’s book, Joshua’s height, Sun’s ray and Worker’s fee. 1. John owns the school. 2. Sophia owns the pencil. Gender Of Nouns - Sometimes nouns have different forms for different genders, although this practice has been largely abandoned by the people who prefer to use the same noun for both genders. Masculine - a noun is said to be in the masculine gender if it refers to a male character or member of a species. Examples: actor, baron, boy, bachelor, groom, duke, son, prince, king and doctor. 1. ...

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Topics of Research Papers

...are sure you will throw out. Be ready to keep adding to the list at odd moments as ideas continue to come to mind. Talk to your audience, or pretend that you are being interviewed by someone — or by several people, if possible (to give yourself the opportunity of considering a subject from several different points of view). What questions would the other person ask? You might also try to teach the subject to a group or class. See if you can find a fresh analogy that opens up a new set of ideas. Build your analogy by using the word like. For example, if you are writing about violence on television, is that violence like clowns fighting in a carnival act (that is, we know that no one is really getting hurt)? Take a rest and let it all percolate. Summarize your whole idea. Tell it to someone in three or four sentences. Diagram your major points somehow. Make a tree, outline, or whatever helps you to see a schematic representation of what you have. You may discover the need for more material in some places. Write a first draft. Then, if possible, put it away. Later, read it aloud or to yourself as if you were someone else. Watch especially for the need to clarify or add more information. You may find yourself jumping back and forth among these various strategies. You may find that one works better than another. You may find yourself trying several strategies at once. If so, then you are probably doing something...

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A Contrastive Analysis Between Nominal Clause in English and Vietnamese Equivalents

...HANOI UNIVERSITY OF INDUSTRY FACULTY OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES ---------- GRADUATION PAPER B.A DEGREE IN ENGLISH A CONTRASTIVE ANALYSIS BETWEEN NOMINAL CLAUSE IN ENGLISH AND VIETNAMESE EQUIVALENTS Supervisor : Nguyễn Thị Hưởng, MA Student : Đặng Thị Thơi Student ID : 0541180107 Group : ĐHTA2 – Intake 5 Hanoi, May, 2014 DECLARATION I certify that no part of the report has been copied or reproduced by me from any other person’s work without acknowledgement and that the report is originally written by me under strict guidance of my supervisor. Date of submitted: May 05, 2014 StudentĐặng Thị Thơi | SupervisorNguyễn Thị Hưởng | | | ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS For the accomplishment of this study, I have received a great deal of support and assistance from many dedicated individuals. First of all, I would like to express my faithful and deepest thanks to my supervisor, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Huong (M.A) for her useful references, excellent advices and readiness during my study process. Secondly, I would like to show my gratitude to all teachers at Faculty of Foreign Language, Hanoi University of Industry for their support during the time of the course. I want to thank all linguists and grammarians whose researchers have been quoted in this study. My thanks also go to my beloved family and my friends who always stand by my side and encourage me from my reparation until the......

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...Arrangement Recognizing Patterns A. The essay question you are given will reveal what type of essay you are going to write. 1. Process Essay: Explain the rituals and activities of a church service you’ve attended. 2. Compare and Contrast: What scholastic habits among men and women lead to differences in their academic performances? 3. Argumentative: Is universal health care an unnecessary tax burden on the self-employed? Introduction - 3 STEP Intro: Creating interest > presenting the subject > stating thesis STEP ONE: Attention Catching Device (first sentence): An interesting or entertaining statement or question at the beginning of an essay that draws the reader’s attention and relates directly to the subject of the essay. Examples of Attention Catching Device: 1. Definition – Create an original definition of a relevant term or concept. (Ex. Democracy is a form of government in which power is given to and exercised by the people. This may be true in theory, but ….(lead reader to your thesis).) 2. Anecdote - A brief (half-paragraph) story that leads to your thesis statement. Note: This technique works best with narratives and works less well with more fact based papers. Ex. Kevin Barrington is a sixth grade student at Gregory College Prep. He awakes at 6:00am and departs his home at 6:30am with a juice box and a box of cereal in order to catch the bus. His commute is more than...

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Why Memo Is Disliked by Manager

...memo is the most useful tool for communicating large amounts of detailed information. Might be dangerous if written inappropriately. Sued or fired 5. The memo is the managerial tool of choice when you want to put out word to lots of people. Have to be worded with exquisite care, particularly for announcing bad news-turn down in business, a firing, promotion over rivals. Recipient are likely to pore over these bullentins.(rewrite) 6. Announcing executive’s dismissal become more concise for the fear of annocing too many contributions may cause people think the firing was unjustified. Good that companies have stopped firing people by memo 7. Psychological reason: Memos are overused by mangers because they feel uncomfortable, too shy to communicate in person or over the phone. 8. Mangers send memos for political reasons. carry political power 9. Convey more subtle political messages. If changed from informal to formal, need to find out what has changed. 10. Clear motive, not wordy, easy to understand 11. Well-defined purpose in mind: who is your audience? What do you want them to do? What information they want? Pick a format-some companies establish standardized format, that help Differentiate major points from minor points A “To” line, a “From” line, a single line identifying the subject, a brief paragraph stating the memo’s message, a summary of the background of the memo, supporting information as necessary and a concluding summary or statement of the action......

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