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How a Submarine Works


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A submarine is a unique watercraft capable of operating on or under water. Like other water vessels, a submarine floats on water because it displaces water that is equal to its weight. The pressure exerted by the submarine down on the water is equal to the pressure of the water pushing it up (Doyle, 2003, p.3).
A submarine can move on water or underwater because it can control its buoyancy. A submarine has special tanks that can be filled with water or air that helps it to control its buoyancy. When the tanks are occupied with water, the submarine weight increases, and, therefore it sinks. When the tanks are filled with air, the weight of the submarine decreases, and, therefore it floats on water (Doyle, 2003, p.4).
When the submarine is diving into the water, the air is released through a vent, and the vacuum created is filled with water, and the submarine sinks in water. The amount of water in the tank determines the depth that the submarine will sink.
A supply of air is maintained onboard to fill and refill the tanks. The air is important in controlling the depth of the submarine. During emergency situations, the tanks are filled with high-pressure air to return the submarine to the surface quickly (Doyle, 2003, p.9).
Oxygen used in the submarine by the crew is pumped in, and it is monitored by a computer. The carbon dioxide exhaled by the crew is removed by machines called scrubbers to prevent toxicity. The moisture exhaled from breathing is eliminated by machines called dehumidifiers to prevent condensation on the interior of the submarine (Doyle, 2003, p.15).

Doyle, K. (2003). Submarines. Minneapolis: Lerner Pub.

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