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Brian Henderson, Brad Moss, Seth Gonzalez

Positive, Winning Attitude
Warmth / Sincerity
Work ethic
Servant leadership
Impeccable memory
Include- makes people feel a part of the team
Read people and gain their trust
Understanding of interpersonal relationships
Team player

Kind of got lost after I realized HR wasn’t my field. Now I’m trying to identify the companies

Lots of freedom with the way amazon operates
Lots of opportunity to work hard in my environment
Learn on the job
Have to go and get it- earn your keep
Have to figure things out on my own, but lots of help around in amazon. Everyone there is willing to help.
I like being surrounded with strong people
Leverage the relationships around me to get things done.
I only know how to do so much and I’ll be the new guy, but I know how to work with people and get buying from the people around me- my horizontal counterparts as well as my bosses

Pick 3 things that define me-


Business manager

Product manager

Do not be intimidated. People at amazon are really smart. They want you to know that they are smart.

Can start in one area and move to a different area. Lots of movement in the company.

A couple key elements amazon looks for in a candidate

1- not structured, not told what to do, not given a list of what, how, and when you do things. Amazon has systems do all the traditional things a buyer will do and manages the system and deals with the exceptions. Oliver watches the systems and tracks the systems and has exceptions come up and makes sense of the signals and what needs to happen to fix them. This is the key to success #1 manages the exceptions and continues to shape how the automated systems are running

2- because amazon works with so many systems. Has to deal with...

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