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Subway Marketing

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Saimaa University of Applied Sciences Business Administration Lappeenranta Corporate and Financial Law

Riina Liutu


Bachelor‟s Thesis 2010

ABSTRACT Riina Liutu Subway Market Research, 114 pages, 7 appendices Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, Lappeenranta Degree Programme in Business Administration Corporate and Financial Law Bachelor‟s Thesis 2010 Instructor: Sari Jokimies Manager of Degree Program

The main goal of this thesis is to find out whether Danish entrepreneurs can become successful in the Danish market as Subway franchisees. Three specific cities, namely Århus, Horsens and Vejle, are looked at in depth. In the thesis, these three cities will represent the Danish market. An evaluation of the most suitable location for a Subway restaurant is made. To reach the above objective, the Subway franchising concept, the market situation, the customers and the competitive situation will be analyzed and evaluated. In order to understand the market in which the franchisee would operate, the size of the market, historic growth, potential growth, trends and macro environmental factors will be analyzed. The analyses will show that the fast food market is mature, and that it still holds some growth potential. To find out who the potential customers of the Subway franchisee might be, a survey was made. A questionnaire was used as a main tool to analyze customer preferences and the prospects of opening a Subway restaurant in Århus, Horsens or Vejle. After evaluating the results of the questionnaire, Horsens was pointed out as the most attractive and suitable city to open a new Subway restaurant. The competitive situation is also analyzed. In doing so, the overall competitive situation within the fast food industry is assessed. Furthermore, three main competitors, namely McDonald‟s, Burger King and Sunset Boulevard, are analyzed in...

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