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Continuing Academic Success GEN/200 November 24, 2014 Anthony Otto

When people continue on with their academic success there are many decisions that need to be made before deciding to following through with it. Many students often realize many different things when it comes to continuing on with their academic success. Academic success is very important because it helps students create goals for their academic success, will help enhance their particular learning style, and to being successful there are several sources that are available to students to help them. Going back to school is very beneficial because it allows the student to be more successful in their personal and career goals. Success comes from setting goals. Having goals has me working towards something that will benefit me when I complete my education. Simple goal as turning a paper in on time can lead to bigger goals such as graduating from college. After graduating from college allows me to find a career with my degree. Either it is a long term or short term goals they both can lead to success.

Everyone has different goals when it comes to their education and career goals. For me it is important to make goals that I have to work for. There are two educational goals that I have and the first one is completing my assignments on time. Things in life can come up unexpectedly which can cause assignments to get turned in late. Having goals such as starting them before the deadline will help me complete them on time. My second educational goal is to be more active when it comes to needing help. If I don’t know quite sure on how to do something just ask questions how to do it. Struggling with not knowing how to doing an assignment can either gets me more confused or just want to give up on it. With asking for help when I need it is one of my educational goals.

It is never too late to start to looking for a job for the field that I am going to school for. One of career goals would be to find a job within that field. Getting my feet wet by starting at the bottom will help me learn all the steps I will need to know as I move up. While going to school at the same time can help me with my school work and my career. I think it would also important to have a job where you know there is room to grow with the company as well. Settings goals for your career is important to have.

The writing process will help me with my education by planning out the steps which can help me complete papers. Looking over the syllabus and knowing what the paper is asking will help me complete the paper correctly. One thing that I think will help me with my education is making goals such as writing when it works best for me. Writing when it late at night alone so I have time to focus on the assignment. Not being distracted will help me show my best work. Another thing that the writing process will help me with education is to make goals. Having goals as to write a little each day instead of rushing to get it done all in one night. When rushing I know that I am not giving it my all and will lack what the assignment is asking for.

Critical thinking is something that I would say I struggle with. Making sure I have a clear mind when I trying to make decisions am something I need to work on. In the article that I read in the Cultivating Critical-Thinking Dispositions Throughout the Business Curriculum states that most students averaging below average when it comes critical thinking. More schools should be helping students when it comes to the simple task of critical thinking. Steps that can help me with critical thinking would be not to judge right away to a decision. Think about it first with a clear mind and strategies how I can solve a problem. Coming up with an answer that has a clear reason and judged. An example for using critical thinking would be if I had a problem that approached at work and was not sure how to handle it. First thing I would do is to think about the different solutions to the problem. Using a clear head when thinking and also seeking help from management to help solving the problem.

The university has several resources that can help students while in school. One of the resources that I know I find very useful is the writing center. Grammar is something that I struggle with and knowing they have resources that can help. In the writing center they have a step by step grammar review which it is very useful to me when it comes to needing grammar help. They have the live assistance when a student needs help. Another thing that I will use and find useful is the student workshops. There are numerous resources on the students website that is very helpful for me while complete my degree at Phoenix.

When using an outside source other than the university library can have its benefits or its disadvantages. Benefits can be that you find information that you may not find anywhere else. News happens daily so not be finding it anywhere else. A disadvantage of using outside source could be that the information may not be reliable information. Finding creditable sources is important when writing a paper.

Going back to school comes with a lot responsibility and dedication for students. I think in order to do well while in school having goals to something that we have. Goals can help students go further in their life. Not only go far with their education but also with their careers. This class has helped me see all the possibilities that I can have and how far I can go. There are lots of resources that they offer to help students continue their academic success.


Bloch, J., & Spataro, S. E. (2014). Cultivating Critical-Thinking Dispositions Throughout the Business Curriculum. Business Communication Quarterly, 77(3), 249-265.dio:10.1177/2329490614538094

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