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Student success reflection
This is my first semester in America. Like what I expected, I spent a wonderful but tension life here. Before I came to America, I have heard that learning in America is a burden for every student. Although saying like this is a little negative, when I faced various papers and assignments, I believed. However, the best achievement I have gained from here is organizing my time better than before and adjusting to new life more quickly. When I was in China, I gave little presentations, but after I came to America, I gave approximate 5 presentations in one semester. From others’ presentations, I also have learnt much healthy and useful knowledge that I cannot learn from class.
During this whole semester, all classmates are divided into four groups to give their own presentations.
Four ladies are the presenters of the first presentation, whose topic is community. They introduced us different forms of community, like religion community, sport community and learning community. Since this is my first year to live in a foreign country, religion community is very unfamiliar to me. However, through their introduction, I acquired that some community is organized based on faith, so the people who have the same faith can communicate their views with each other. For me, I barely socialized in school, but after their presentation I want to participate in some communities, because I learnt that there are amount of benefits. For example, joining to a learning community can develop our academic grade; participating in a volunteer community can realize our self- fulfillments, and attending to an art community can cultivate our temperament. In all, students can always find value of a community.
I am an accounting student, so, of course, I need to learn some courses, which is required a high level of memory ability, like taxation. However, sometimes I...

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