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Success and Money

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The question whether money is a main indicator of people's success, is a controversial one. Some people believe that only one who earns a lot of money is successful. However, other people think one who does not earn a lot of money can be successful too. For several reasons, which I will list below, I agree with those people who think that money is an indicator of success.

First of all, if a person earns a lot of money it means he or she has unique knowledge and experience and people want to pay for these. For example, a good lawyer is often paid a very high salary, because he or she has won many cases and people are ready to pay big money for his knowledge.

A second example is that a salary of a surgeon simpliciter depends on his experience and knowledge and on how many surgeries he has completed successfully. In this case surgeon's salary simpliciter depends on surgeon's success.

Second of all, a high salary is in an indicator of a prosperous career and profession. People change their jobs, move from one place to another looking for a more interesting and better paid job. Of cause, some people do not care about salary as long as they like their job, but from my everyday experience and observation I can state that the majority of people who are not satisfied with their revenue would exchange their current job for another one with higher salary.

Finally, money plays, may be unfortunately, a very essential role in our modern life. So, people who earn a lot of money by working hard are considered to be successful.

May be it sounds a little mercenary but I think that success must be encouraged financially otherwise it is not a success.

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